Thursday 14 January 2016


Is not a Sasha but she is by Gotz ! I saw this girl a couple of years ago and as per usual I just looked but could not decide whether to get her.
The last year this particular girl a Clara from 2013 was no longer available except on My Doll Best Friend website, they had obtained some more from the maker because people had still wanted them, so they announced that there were only a few left and once gone that would be it!

So it made me act and ask for one to be put aside for me.If you don't know the site, it's a great place to get a range of dolls to suit all tastes and also clothing and accessories and they give you points on your purchases that you can save and use when you buy something., they are here on

I had some points sitting on the site, so added some money to that and asked Maxine the owner to send her after Christmas.

She arrived today ( Wednesday ) and came in the lovely floral raincoat and jeans, she was also wearing crocks in bright pink but due to the weather, I found her a pair of Uggs style boots that also came from my doll best friend and a hat , scarf and fingerless glove set I bought off ebay a while back.

I just love her face with her big brown eyes.

Clara is from the Happy Kids range of Gotz dolls, the same as Sharon's Emily. Clara has a fringe which was want made her different from the newer range. there is another girl in this range with a different face style that I really like, I may have to have another word with Maxine.....



  1. Clara is just adorable. What a pretty pink outfit and perfect with her pink boots. A great post and very informative since I am not familiar with the Happy Kids by Gotz. Thank you! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I think so too. Such a sweet face on her.I bought her a nice warm ski outfit which I'll be changing her into , while it's so cold! :)xx

  2. Such a little sweetie, I cannot say enough nice things about this face sculpt, she just sooooo appeals to me. I think that my Emily has quickly become one of my favourites! I am tempted to look for another one with the same face but with brunette hair, but will wait until after the Nuremburg Toy Fair at the end of this month.
    I love your Clara's outfit too, it's very nice, very childlook and realistic, just what a real little girl would enjoy wearing.

    1. I agree Sharon, also she's quite small overall , which surprised me somehow, I thought for some reason she'd be bigger in the face? don't ask but I thought her so petite and sweet when I saw her.
      I am tempted by Katie and or Luisa?
      I love the clothes you have been making for your Emily. :)xxx