Friday 29 January 2016


Don't read this if you want to search, read after.

The Results.

Starting from the Left of the second photo.

Panda Lila and  bear Aimee swapped places

Box of Tarts on table in corner missing

Torch on armchair missing

Sir Walters Sword missing

Little Hugo now sitting on Arm chair

Reuben looking other way

Owl Missing

Little pull along toy now on other side of room.

Yellow book missing from shelf

Small blue and white bowl missing from shelf

One horse with rider missing from shelf above

Silver trophy different

Green apple missing

Silver figure on shelf below missing

iPad on floor missing

Three red angles bricks on floor missing

Cup on coffee table missing

Plate on coffee table missing

Doily on coffee table missing

Yellow angled brick moved.

So that's Twenty in totally.

Thanks for taking part, I'll do another one next month , if you'd like .


  1. I missed the trophy change, the green apple, Reuben, the yellow book BUT counted in the THREE missing blocks as THREE points and Panda Lila and Aimee position changes as TWO points.
    Ah well! Can't win them all!

  2. AH! I issed the fact that the yellow book has been removed from the shelf.
    Well done Anne, for finding all 20 differences!
    Photos due today,Dee? Still tryng to make a decent composition in dreadful light and shameful untidiness. NEXT MONTH, there'll be a real baby to include!!

  3. I missed the yellow book and Reubens view.
    We are near by, aren't we?