Friday, 15 January 2016


I took the Button boys outside to take a few photo's this was on Thursday afternoon, just as the cold wind decided to increase and the temperature drop.

So we did not hang about.

I wanted some photo's of the boys separately, so first up was Wolfgang.

His hair is still all over the place but I quite like it that way, it's lovely and soft after it's wash when he arrived.

Then it was Peter's turn, he's still quite shy.

He's friends arrived much to our amazement, we are slightly worried but so far all seems well...

Here's Peter's friend , his Wolf! Who arrived looking for him!

Last up is Oliver ( Ollie) whose complaining that he should have bought a sweater with him!

I manage to get him to remove his hat despite the cold wind, although his teeth do start to chatter!

His hair is looking much better , it was very stiff and quite rough when he arrived but it's improving.

Well we were all feeling cold by the time the mini photo shot was over, so it was back  indoors for hot chocolate all round.



  1. Peter does look rather timid/shy as yet. Such a sweet boy. He's probably too big for a cuddle, but he looks like he could use one.

    Once again showing what a wide variety of emotions or expressions Sashas/Gregors can display.

    1. Peter tends to look down ( probably stringing issues ) so he appears quite timid but then he's pets a WOLF!!! :)I will give him a cuddle on your behalf if the wolf lets me ;)
      It is amazing these dolls ability to show and look different!

  2. What super little boys! They are all lovely in their own way. I like Wolfie's springy hair, he must have stuck his tongue in the electrical socket in a previous life! Peter does look shy but I'm sure he'll come out of himself in time, it's early days yet for him in The Village.
    And little Ollie was brave to take off his hat because of course that's where we loose most of our body heat...poor boy!

    1. I think that could be true of Wolfie and the electric socket! Peter won't be left out due to his shyness in this village :)
      Lucky he did not realise about the heat loss or he would have refused point blank! :) bad Mummy.. :) xx

  3. ... and Wolf is a great name. Didi I say so before? Anyway, it's my considered opinion.
    But no boy, of course, has to chatter with his teeth, Mrs. Mum!

    1. Didi?
      Ok, I can explain: just tasted my spice-liqueur ...

    2. Yes Wolf is a Great Name , now is dear Remus Wolf ;) Didi you say this before .. I believe so.. lol :))
      I know bad Mrs Mum to make that poor childs teeth to chatter just for a few photo's :)
      Your spice- liqueur is obviously very potent.. :)) Didi....

  4. They're Gotz...LEAVE them in the the cold :)