Sunday, 24 January 2016

TO ME ......TO YOU...


Puff " Never mind careful! I nearly dropped that on my toe!"

Toby climbs on the sofa to make his point better to Zac " I could have been crippled!"
"No you'd have hurt your toe but you'd have still been able to walk!"
Toby scowls " How do you know  ! clever clogs!"
Zac just looks at him until Toby sighs.

"I don't know where Mum thinks this can go!" Toby looks round the children's room " There's a tiny gap over there!"

" I think we'll have to move that sofa over !" says Zac helpfully.

" To me ..... push it this way... no .. it's stuck now pull it back to you .. that's it " orders Toby directing things " To me.. to you..  to me.. "

"How come we have to do this? " puffs Toby

"We did not have to! But when Mum told you to get Robin, Erik and Ragnor to do it you said No need We'll do it!" puffed Zac in reply

They give one last mighty shove and pull and nearly fall onto the sofa!

They both giggle .

Once again Toby's directing things " Pull it left Zac ! No my left not your left  ! "
"That's right " argues Zac
"I know it's right I just said so didn't I!"
Zac just rolls his eyes and pulls it the correct way ignoring Toby's instructions!

Zac works hard at stopping Toby hitting the wall as he's pushing so hard!

"Should I get out now? "questions Zac getting further and further into the corner
" No just keep pulling " gasps Toby

"That's it! " sighs Toby
"What! I'm stuck! " cries Zac holding up his hands " I told you I should have moved out the way!"

This time it's Toby who rolls his eyes " You can climb over the arm of the sofa!"

" OH!" says an embarrassed Zac doing just that .

The boys flop down taking a sofa each

"Well we have done a good job!" says Toby smiling
Zac nods agreement, then notices " Only problem we cannot get the books easily "
"Good " says Toby " Don't like books anyway "
Knowing that Toby as trouble with his reading Zac nods his head in understanding and they sit and rest.

Finally they get up " Come on , let's go tell mum we've squeezed her sofa into the room " Toby tells Zac " and she may just give us a treat for all our hard work!" Zac nods agreement and they wander off calling for Mum.


How Mum finds it, not quite what she wanted but impressed the two youngsters had managed to drag the sofas about.

Better but not quite right.

A little better now the small table that I got from the chat n snap a couple of years back is in the corner to take the radio.

I could not resist this sofa when I saw it on ebay , so made an offer which was accepted. I intend to use it out in the Sasha Village Studio, so I can leave one in the house and have one outside.But for now it can stay indoors until the spring.



  1. wasn't Zac taking a risk moving a sofa about with bare feet? He was lucky the sofa nearly went on Toby's foot instead.

    1. Zac is very quick on his feet, so was probably safe enough and Toby did not actually get his foot hurt but made a fuss because according to him, it Nearly got him!! But yes Zac does need to find some shoes if only to keep his feet warm !


  2. Great. Big boys!
    (Sofa USUALLY fall on my toes *g)

    Being jealous.
    We need a new Sofa or Armchair as well...

    1. Yes , Those two are growing up! ;)
      I am always looking on ebay and etsy for likely furniture or other tings.. :)

  3. That's a nice new sofa you've got there boys, and looks very comfy! I'm glad you were able to help your mum out and bring it into the lounge for her.
    Great find Dee, I have the same one just different coloured fabric.
    A nice sturdy sofa which I use for my bjds.
    And yes please put something on that poor boys feet, seeing him running around with bare feet makes me feel cold ;)

    1. They are very helpful little chaps ;)
      It was actually a bjd they showed sitting on it but it's identical to my blue sofa, so I took the plunge, at the moment Elfine's sitting on it reading to.... that's another story.. :) xxx

  4. What those guys need, is Hattie to take charge. She'd have had the furniture rearranged in half the time.

    Where (nation) did the new sofa come from, Dee?

    1. She'd have had that new sofa in her workroom and covered in fabric for her hats!
      This sofa I found on ebay,the first one I found at a market stall.xx