Saturday 17 September 2016


Well despite all we need to get done before the plumber arrives, we'd booked a week away in East Sussex, this was before he'd confirmed when he'd be coming so we came home a day early so that we can be ready for plumber.More about all that tomorrow maybe.

What's in East Sussex I can hear you asking. To start with it's the place that William the conqueror landed in 1066 on the beach at Pevensey and then proceeded to fight and win the battle against Harold at the place now called Battle.

William donated money for an Abbey to be built on the site of the Battle and from that sprang the village of Battle, which I high recommend for a visit should you ever get the chance.

So who did I take to visit Battle Abbey ?

 Ragnor Wolfbane one of my little Vikings! Harold had defeated the vikings at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and had to turn round and march his men back to Sussex to meet with William. Ragnor insists that if he'd been at Stamford Bridge we'd all now be vikings!! He's such a sweet boy

This is a layout of the Battle field, Ragnor finds it very interesting.

He tells me he is picking up tips should he ever need to go into battle.

He inspects their helmets.

 The view from the top of the gate tower

Below on the other side within the Abbey grounds is the Abbey school.

There is a play ground with a difference in the Abbey grounds, there are wooden sculptures as seen here.

this large Oxen lays in front of a wagon, you can just see in the top left corner. The wagon is tipped on it's end and is a slide.

The other side of the Oxen unfortunately I asked Paul to take the photos and he did not do one of the wagon.

Ragnor was fascinated by everything.


Looking down over the battle field.

Boards telling you what happened where and why.

Ragnor has his photo taken by one of the Abbey buildings.

It was getting very hot, so we went inside into the shade.

But the Battle field kept drawing Ragnor back to it.


 Lots of climbing up and down stairs.

The view from Abbey outer walls.

This year the Abbey is celebrating the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with a week or so of events. Ragnor appreciates the seriousness of what happened on Senlac hill all those years ago. Secretly he wishes he'd been there to see it all but thankfully he's 950 years too late!

He's full of tales and facts to share with his brothers and sisters and no doubt it will be battle plans aplenty once they are all back together!



  1. Oh dear! YOU never mentioned to ME that you were going down for a week to my first marital home area (Bexhill-on-sea whilst my ex husband oversaw the building of the Hasting's Power Station for two years) as I would have loved for you to have taken a couple of photos to add to my family album!

    You, Paul and Ragnor certainly had some fabulous weather for the visit judging by these photographs.
    Some lovely reminiscing going on here this morning! Many thanks.

    1. What a shame I did not say! I would have happily taken some photos for you, maybe asked if anyone remembered you! :)
      The weather was incredible ,unfortunately way too hot for my liking! Fine if you are sitting about in the garden but not so good if treking round places and climbing up never ending uneven stone stairways! But having said that we did have a great time and appears we came back just in time to miss the rain!

  2. Fabulous Post Dee! What an interesting visit you had...and lovely to see a Gotz free zone....I am loving the wooden sculptures how wonderful are they?

    1. I knew you'd appreciate Ragnor being the holiday boy! So lucky I left Ashley back in the house! :)
      So sculptures were great just wish Paul had taken that wagon behind the oxen which they'd turned into a slide.There were lots of other useful and educational things for children to do and see there.

  3. You chose the perfect companion for this visit and didn't you choose a perfect week weather-wise!
    Thank you so much for this post.....I have always wished to visit here but never have.

    1. It would appear so :) Battle and the surrounding area is a great place to visit, we'd been to Battle Abbey before a good few years back but this was the first time we'd stayed in the area

  4. A great post Dee! The photos show what a beautiful day you had there at the Battle Abbey. I love the buildings and the beautiful views too. The Abbey school is just amazing. Your Ragnor is SO very handsome and he looks well at home among the battle field settings. What a nice visit! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, it was a lovely place to visit. A stop for teas and cake then a wander round the abbey and Village and then Dinner in a local inn. Just perfect and Ragnor was so well behaved and happy to see everything :)xxx

  5. Another great post Dee, there are some wonderful places to visit in that area and you certainly did get to see them. Ragnor does seem to be enjoying himself and learning with it.

    1. Thanks Sharon, we did enjoy ourselves. I'm thinking I may go again next year for a weekend shopping visit :) Ragnor is full to bursting with all the things he's learnt! xx