Thursday 29 September 2016


Hello! Yes still here working away at the home improvements! Our lovely plumber has finished fitting the new bathroom ! And this morning I had a lovely shower in there! Bliss!
Now although he's finished the bathroom , we have to wait for the plasterer to come  to re-plaster the walls of the old bathroom, now separate utility and cloakroom.

Of course he cannot get here until next Tuesday, so a couple of days wait but this will at least mean we can have time to take a breath and clean up. Once the plasterer's been Paul will tile the floors in both rooms and then the plumber can return to refit the downstairs toilet and basin.

So loads still to do but already looking so much better. Now I will share a photo of the new units in the new bathroom but save the rest until all's finished.

We did make a small slip up and had asked for the units to start against the wall, so that's where the plumber placed them. Then home I come and say " it's too close to the wall!" we'd not, which is totally unlike us, thought to check exactly where the toilet would actually be! And found that if you sat on the seat you felt too close to the wall ! We nearly just said , well does it matter but then decided  yes it did! We needed it moved at least four inches to the right or we'd land up in a month or so wishing we'd asked to have it moved instead of just settling for where it was.So when the plumber came the next morning Paul had to tell him we needed the whole lot moved four to five inches to the right! Luckily he'd left nine inches between our new tall towel radiator so that could stay where it was.

You can just catch a glimpse of the corner of the shower in the photo.

The towel radiator is still wrapped as Paul needs to be able to move it to decorate and then the plumber will come back and fill it.

Even in it's un-decorated state I love it, it's so spacious compared to our old room.

So we'll be stripping the rest of the paper from the walls, then fitting skirting and other bits and bobs, then painting and wallpapering , ready for the flooring.
Funnily enough I though this room would land up being finished last as the cloakroom downstairs is so much smaller , so quicker to do , but totally forgot that the plaster would need to dry out before anything could be done to it. So looks like the bathroom will get the attention first.

So It's nearly OCTOBER!!!! and therefore time for the doll shelf photo's! So please send in those very interesting and lovely photo's so that we can all have a look at whats filling peoples doll shelves for the month.
It's the first on Saturday, so please send them as soon as possible.



  1. OK, let's start again. I do so wish Blogger would allow us to edit after posting!
    We are watching the progress of your bathroom with great interest and hoping it will soon be finished to Dee-standard. It lookd to be coming allong well, though I agree the loo needs to be further from the wall.
    We had aBosch engineer here today to fix our washing machine and Bertie was on hand to passtools and parts. He now wishes to be apluber and is demanding a set of tools and a large white van to transoprt them in. I promise he will never have the van and will not have even plastic, toy tools until after the C'n'S, or you might have to redo the bathroom again very soon if he visits.
    Will take some photos tomorrow - the only dolly I've beenanywhere near in the last two days is our grandchild. Think it's your turn next Friday - he's an energetic little monkey and seems to have taken after your Bramber Bears, he eats enough for a four year old. Who decided he was hungry and needed solids...Oh yes, that would be me.....He's seriously cute and funny and Granny Wales is seriously exhausted!

    1. I'm always wishing I could change something after it's published as a comment, it's always then I see the twisted letters!
      Sounds like a good trade for Bertie to learn, would come in very handy on the farm, however no tools until after CnS could be for the best! :)
      Our grandson is a cutie and no trouble what so ever I'm sure! You can always send him down here for a few days but unfortunately not till December as that's then next time I have some holiday :)

  2. BAH, I give up - there are more errors in the post above than in the one I deleted!

    1. I would worry about them Jenny, it's funny but the brain seems to always read them as if they are correct :)

  3. Thoroughly enjoying seeing all this work on the new upstairs bathroom especially as I'm not the one who is having to clear up the mess, dirt and dust every night during its construction.
    Glad that you discovered that the loo/wash basin unit was too close to the side wall before proceeding any further and so were then then able to sort out its new position without adding too much to the overall expense. I do like these under wash basin storage cupboards so utilising every inch of space in the smallest room of the house. Even deciding where to place the toilet paper holder would probably be too much for me!

    Pleased to hear that you enjoyed your shower in there this morning and hope that you won't miss the bathing capacity in the future. (Personally I couldn't ever do without my LONG soaks in my bath filled to the brim with soothing hot water and luxurious perfumed bubbles.)

    1. Glad you are enjoying the journey with us Kendal :) I can deal with most but the dust from the walls , it seems to just keep re appearing five minutes after I've cleared it up!
      I am liking the look of these storage units that they now have for bathrooms, can never have too much storage!
      I'm sure there will come a time when I'll miss the bath , then I think I'll go round to Lauren's and use hers, just as well she's only a few miles away! :)

  4. Coming on nicely Dee, but I did laugh when you decided the toilet needed to be moved. However, it's better that you've done it now than later when all the walls are goodness that would be a whole lot more mess, never mind the expense.
    I also like the 'hidden' cistern, very modern and very neat!
    Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I know I'd not even thought to check just how close the toilet would be to the wall, so glad it's been moved though :)
      I am pleased with these new 'hidden' cisterns and row of units, very nice and tidy.We have a couple more to go on the wall above.
      hugs xxx

  5. Well done in re-sorting out the toilet position *phew*
    And all seems to be progressing really fast from what I see. Thank you so much for sharing.......this so appeals to the *nosey* in me and I don't have any of the inconvenience or dust either!

    1. Was so glad we moved it .
      It is all coming along, quicker than I thought which is great, but that does mean it will soon be back to Paul doing everything with me helping where I am able.
      I'm just as 'nosy' for seeing how people decorate or change things,but pleas don't mention the D word... It's everywhere!

  6. I am glad you were able to do the relocations. In the long run, you would have not been happy with their original placements. Very nice fixtures and happy you love your new shower! :) xxx