Monday 5 September 2016


A mini catch up with porch project.

While I was off at Dentist's Paul was house wrapping! I love that this insulation paper is called Housewrap! This paper is water and wind proof and goes on the outside to help seal the building from both.

So all the walls are now wrapped and have had the batons added, that the cement board will be attached to, which forms the final outer skin or wall. This will be rendered once the door and side panel have been fitted.

So a day of rest tomorrow while we wait for the delivery of more insulation for inside and also the cement board.

Had a phone call today to say the wallpaper I wanted for the bathroom had been discontinued!!!! disaster!! I had changed a couple of things in the bathroom to match with this wallpaper due to it's colour! and these would be no good as we all fell in love with this wallpaper when normally you'd not actually chose it for a bathroom! So I told the lady I would try and source it elsewhere! so straight on the internet and within minutes I had found someone with the paper in stock! But not trusting to their website, I phoned to make sure and it will be here within a couple of days!! Disaster averted! Phew !

to be continued....




  1. oooh a gift wrapped porch! I need one of those - preferably with a builder attached to help install it.
    Things seem to be gong well - panic over the wallpaper averted. Can't wait to see the photos.

    1. Should I add a bow? big and red or palest green? Best not to Paul would complain it's in the way! Men!
      Yes all coming along slowly but surely.. the wallpaper should arrive tomorrow... hope I like it in the 'flesh'.... lol

  2. House wrap! Well I never I learn something new every day. And thank goodness you managed to find that wallpaper *phew*
    Thank you for the update.

    1. Me Too! Just love what that name conjures up! Yes Thank goodness! who goes discontinuing wallpaper ? what sort of behaviour is that!
      It will be here tomorrow and can be put away until needed.. phew!

  3. 'I live and learn' as the saying goes!
    Excellent porch 'wrapping'! By the sound of this, it should hopefully help with the keeping in of the 'indoor' warmth.

    PS. Can we be seeing a photo of the mentioned bathroom wallpaper as soon as it arrives?

    1. Don't we all! Amazing whats available now in the way of house building!
      Paul's banned me from showing any wall paper until it's on the walls of the finished room! Sorry! :)