Sunday 25 September 2016


Another week's whizzed round and we are now going into the last week of September ! Not sure how I feel about how the weeks just seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate ! So we'll move on...

Tricia asked in the comments on the last post as to whether I'd be showing the other picture we bought in Sussex. So here it is.

Try as I might I could not manage to take a photo without the reflection in the glass! Anyway, both Paul and I loved this on sight. The artist Andrew Redden used to live in Rye but now lives near Tunbridge Wells.

Here's another try at getting no refection, although this time the flash's gone off. These are my colours, blues and greens with a nice vibrant feel.

We knew this would be perfect for our hallway once it's all finished and so we went back and bought it. The picture is painted to be like those station posters of the 30's to 50's encouraging people to use the railways to travel. This is a print. We purchased it in Rye Pottery another lovely place where I could have spent a small fortune on piece's of gorgeous pottery.

Funnily enough once I got back into work and saw the new five pound note, I thought a great match for the colours I seem to be favouring at present. We also seem to be having a slant towards the 20's to 40's feel to what we are doing in the house, which was built in 1926.

One of the things happening with all this change is that I seem to be having to find places to store furniture which is either no longer needed or no longer as a place !

These are the latest no homers, the bathroom cupboard, the smallest bedroom antique bedside cupboard and a small narrow bookcase.

At present  since starting this I now have the following sitting about needing re-homing.

A large Linen style Cupboard, in two parts.
A large pine bookcase ( Sold)
A small pine cupboard
A tall narrow bookcase, above
A antique bedside pot cupboard, above
A pine bathroom or storage cupboard, above.
An old dark wood blanket box.
A small non pine bookcase
Two long wooden cd units
one wide wooden dvd unit
Two large unpainted radiator covers
One small white painted radiator cover
A Habitat small antique sofa ( will come back into house once a space found)

This is bottom of linen cupboard

and this is top.

 Cd and dvd units.

small bookcase, non wood.

Old wooden blanket box.

The last few photo's were taken by Paul on his mobile, so I need to wait until we are finished with the work in the next couple of weeks before I can take some better photo's and put them up for sale.

This week we were discussing colour's and paper for the hallway. I found a paper which we both liked .It's called Simi and comes in three colourways all of which I like but two of which I prefer.

This is grey pearl colourway.

This is Opal colourway, Paul's preferred choice.I like this one too.

and this is Aegean, my preferred colourway but Paul's says it looks like bedroom paper! We will probably go for the middle one but each time I see this one I just love it's vibrancy and it goes with my new picture! Not that counts for much.Now before you all think,  all that pattern in the hallway !, we will be using the paper in just a couple of places but will be picking up one of the colours in the paper chosen for the rest of the walls. We've ordered some samples of all three and discussion will commence once they arrive. But feel free to give an opinion if you'd like.

Now on the doll front a miracle has occurred! After two and a  half years, I do not lie, my little darling doll that I ordered from a US Artist has arrived ! When I went on her waiting list back in April 2014 it was supposed to be ten months wait. Now I don't know why it should have taken so long but I'll never join her waiting list again, which is a shame as I would have like another one.
 Anyway here she is , no name or clothes yet, but sweet all the same.Name suggestions welcome :)

a brown eyed blonde lass.

So far she has some boots and a pair of tights! I may have to knit her a sweater dress, so she can come out of her box and meet everyone. I seem to be having a small doll buying spree at the moment but since they are not Sasha's I'll leave their details to my Dolly dreaming blog.
I have also finished a blanket this week, which I found in a bag when having to move everything for the plumber, it only needed a couple of rows to complete so I did that one evening.

So now it can be put away safely until needed.

I sold another doll ,whose gone off to a new home in Australia but not managed to do much else on the selling on front. The Chat n Snap is approaching fast, so will need to jump on that once October gets here.

Well I need to go take some photo's of  Sasha's and Gregors for the blog and then there's loads of sorting out and house work to do...... I may actually try doing some of it!

Enjoy the week ahead, I hope the weathers lovely for everyone.



  1. Love your Sussex print Dee and like the wallpaper as well! We are probably going to be undertaking a massive downsizing soon - which will be difficult, but after 28 years in the same house I'm quite looking forward to some decorating/changes, especially as we will be living near the sea.

    1. Thanks Tricia :) It will be hard when you do downsize, we'd lived in our last house twenty years and when we downsized to this one, we still had loads of things, furniture, books , clothes etc etc. But once you get over the shock and it will be a shock and start to settle in and change things as you want them , your'll have a get time. :) By the sea... that sounds so nice.. :)

  2. ... and how could I not comment on your gorgeous girl - she is such a sweetie!

    1. She is .. but two and a half years is too long to wait even for a gorgeous girl !

  3. Love your new picture - that style is always so attractive. I really like the way the bushes cast a shadow on the path. Plus it goes so well with the new wallpaper!
    Your Little Darling is a darling! But my goodness what a wait, I'm sure you were wondering if you'd ever see her. However she was worth the wait.

    1. Thanks Rosie :) The wall paper does seem to suit the picture.

      I was beginning to give up hope but was also determined to get her! lol

  4. DIVORCE! Paul is in favour of the wrong paper, LOL. But Iagree with you, it is one of those papers that could go in any roomand look good. Mind you that's true of all the colourways in this design and I like them all.

    What a shame you need to lose all that great furniture - love the pine things and the linene cupboard(s). but we are about to make similar, what stays/goes decisions as the house is overcrowded andwe need a lighter, more open feel.

    Congratulations on finishing the blanket. I remember you starting it - or was that another one. Lovely colours.

    Also congrats on the new girly. Very pretty, so don't wave her near me too often as I have convinced myself I don't want an LD! Oops, did I pop over to the other website to look to see if she's there yet......?!

    1. I cannot divorce him , he's way to useful. lol and he's pretty :) I do love all the colourways but the brightest is calling and I think Paul may be coming round to my way of thinking... mainly because I think he likes the accent colour we'd use more than the other ones.
      It is a shame about the furniture as I could almost furnish a small house with all this!
      I think the blanket was one of several I started!

      Don't do it Jen! Stay away from the LD's that take way to long to appear, and she'll not be appearing until she gets some clothes.!

  5. PS I was working backwards through your post and missed out - THE PRINT IS FAB and would look great with the wallpaper of your choice.....Thick as a brick as I am, I had no idea there were to be new £5 notes- and in my favourite colour too - I better start colecting some......

    1. Thanks I like it and the wallpaper being a similar colour is a bonus, if we have my choice ! :) The new fivers only just came out last week and I to love the colours :)

  6. Your new girl is a stunner and well worth the wait!! Good luck on deciding which wallpaper to choose...tough call :)

    1. Thanks Simps :) but I have to say no doll is worth two and a hald years of waiting however gorgeous :) Those papers are very close :)

  7. My goodness that was a wait and a half for your new girl!!! She is gorgeous....I just hope you still want her!

    1. It was Jane! I was worried I'd not want her after all this time but she is sweet , so we are going to get to know each other :)

  8. I'd chose the first 'grey-toned' wallpaper if it was my choice... but then I'm much older and probably more conservative.

    Loving your Little Darling Doll especially her combination of the BROWN eyes and blonde hair, although her looks to be very long hair for such a small doll.

    I too remember when you first started knitting those blankets.

    Such a shame to be having to 'move on' so many pieces of now 'unneeded' furniture though hopefully they will all find good homes. I have been living here now for 23 years this Christmas Eve and apart from a once all through lick of emulsion and an outside wooden windows re-paint... plus the addition of the small conservatory, NOTHING else (no new carpets, curtains, furniture, kitchen or bathroom fittings) have changed in all those years...(though that's not saying that they wouldn't benefit from it!)

    BTW Great picture. Really enjoyed living in East Sussex in 1962/4.

    1. The Grey toned is nice, I like them all but there's been developments with regard to this paper!
      I love the brown eyes with blonde hair, Courtney my youngest has this combo :)
      Yes I have a few blankets now! Need to decide what I'm going to do with them!
      It is a shame that so much must go but the house will be more spacious and it's always good to have a change. That's so good you can stay the same for so long! I always start to get itchy fingers and want some sort of change somewhere!!
      I bet you had a great time in East Sussex back in the sixty's :)

  9. I will take the linen cupboard Dee, just box it up and send it over to me! Your little Darling is wonderful and so very pretty. It was a long wait but worth it. I think a lot of people are on that waiting list. All the best with your wallpaper choice! :) xxx

    1. I would send it off tomorrow if only it won't cost a small fortune in postage! :) She is a little darling, as named :)
      A spanner's been thrown in my wallpaper choice more of which later!! :)xxx