Friday, 23 September 2016


Since I was not working today I was given the task of removing the tiles from the old bathroom,
not an easy job to start with but once you get a few off , it's easier to get at the rest.

This bathroom was as is, when we moved in, because I hated that it was so small we never did anything to it , apart from buy a new shower curtain every so often. I could never commit to what to do, have it refitted, move it upstairs, change from a bath to just a shower!
Then I'd go away to stay in an hotel or rented holiday cottage and the bathroom would always be bigger than mine at home and I'd start to size it up as to could I do this  or that with mine?

It's taken us this long to finally decide to move it upstairs and lose a bedroom for a while.

So progress is being made and the tiles are coming off.

So glad to see them gone and looking forward to the room being divided and re-plastered.

At lunch time Paul and myself were discussing what colour to paint the hallway and arguing over colours ! This is normal for us , although we have pretty much the same taste, we'll argue until one of us finds something the other likes and then we'll work with that until we both agree. I have to say that Paul is an angle and if I don't like the colour that goes up will adjust it until I do! In our last house a large Edwardian semi there was a lovely coved edge on the ceiling and I decided I wanted the part between painted green, well three different shades of green later Paul finally said on the forth one , this was it! Luckily it was :)

We have some lovely tiles for the floor in both rooms but will not be tiling the walls. I have never been a fan of completely tiled bathrooms etc as I like to be able to change the colour or style and if it's completely tiles you are stuck ten years down the line with that colour and design unless you pay a fortune to have the tiles chipped off and changed.But that's me others like all tiled bathroom, I do myself when I see them but prefer for myself to have the option of change!
That's me cannot sit still on the decorating front!



  1. Well done! It is great to how all the work is progressing.

    1. Thanks Jane, these are the boring bits , soon the rooms will start to appear , the more interesting parts!

  2. Oh I know that feeling well as it reminds me of the bathroom in our first bought home (a two year old bungalow in Alsager) where the previous owners had chosen a green bath suite with pale primrose tiles.
    I literally hated the colour combination but we never had the extra money to change it (and my husband was definitely a NON DIY man) so basically had to live with it as it was for the twelve years that we lived there.

    Looking like you are doing a great job here Denise!

    1. It's so annoying isn't it when you just have to live with it! I can imagine with your style Kendal it would have been grated even worse.

      Thank you :) x

  3. Good call on not tiling the walls. Also, way to go on the tile removal job. That is really hard work!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks :) It was hard work! Luckily Paul took over halfway through and did the end :)xxx