Monday 19 September 2016


We found ourselves looking out for things that might suit our new refurbishment , which was fun. It's always nice to have a reason to spend some money! lol

The house we stayed in was beautifully decorated and the owner definitely had an eye for design and putting the right thing in the right place.

This was the little sun room/dinning room.

one of the bedrooms.

They also had a Cairn terrier which is the same family as the Westie, so it was lovely seeing this collection of Westie, Scottie and Cairn pictures in the hallway.

Rye is full of lovely old buildings.

I loved this window. Mermaid Street in Rye is the most photographed but trying to get photo's without people in was hard!

another window

Finally looking back up part of Mermaid street.

and looking down.

We went to Dover castle ! The place is massive! It takes one hour to walk round the castle outer walls!.

That's the lower walls you can just make out in this photo.

Three floors of medieval splendour!

You can watch the ferries coming in from the roof!

Down in the heart of the castle the kitchens.

Where furry creatures probably held sway !

A 1000 year old Saxon church within the castle grounds, it's the building having work done on it.

It's run by English Heritage and although expensive to get in ( we are members ) it's a good long day of interest, apart from the Castle, Church, Military museum, medieval underground tunnels there are also wartime underground tunnels which you re taken on a guided tour, both the hospital level and the other levels.

Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.



  1. I love this part of the world. Dover Castle was a favourite haunt when my chldren were young and it is splendid, but makes me glad of the invention of central heating!
    Rye is lovely. One of those lost in time places. I've never notced that gorgeous casement window with the stained glass though - very atractive.
    I do hope the bears were not served up at a banquet of some sort. Are they safe? They were lucky to be taken on the trip, but I hope they were not taken for an ulterior reason???

    1. It is a lovely place to visit. Dover castle was just right temperature wise due to how hot it was outside!
      Rye is one of those places you'd just love to live in or near to, so you could wander round whenever you wanted :)
      Those bears were going to get up to mischief but then decided it was too hot and wanted an ice cream ! So that was the end of that!

  2. To me it looks as if the bears might have eaten the banquet - I hope they didn't get into trouble!
    The castle is impressing. Shame it's so far from where I live.

    1. You know thinking about it now , that bowl did have something in it before they appeared!
      It is a shame that it's so far but I am sure you have some in your country that are also impressive :)

  3. I really enjoyed this post.....I haven't been to Dover for simply ages and I have never been to Rye! I need to visit this part of the country next year.
    Great that you had such a fabulous holiday.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, we'd never been to Dover Castle or Rye before so it was a wonderful experience.
      we did just wished we'd had more time :)

  4. I would love to see Rye and Dover one day. Your photos are wonderful and I love the street scenes, the fabulous rounded window on Mermaid Street with a vase displayed inside, and the view of the ferries from the Castle. A really great post! :) xxx

    1. You would love it Ginger :) Maybe one day your'll get the chance. That window was so unusual and wonderful to see. So glad you enjoyed the post :) xx

  5. Love Rye - but have never been to Dover Castle - maybe one day! Thanks for sharing Dee

    1. Your welcome :) I'd never been to either, Dover Castle is worth the visit.

  6. We have been to the places you mentioned and this is a lovely area to visit. Thanks for sharing your visit, it was really nice to see, and the place you stayed in looked really lovely too!

    1. We used to go to Devon and Cornwall all the time for our holidays but now we want to see more of England, so make a visit to somewhere we've never been each year if possible. xxx

  7. Thanks for some more wonderful memories of the two years that I spent living down there in the early-mid 60s.
    I remember Rye really well as it was there that I enrolled on a course to improve the sewing skills that I learnt at my boarding school whilst my husband was starting on his private pilot's licence instructions.
    Such a pretty unspoilt rural area and one that he and my daughter still try to visit when he is over from Eire.

    Dover Castle is still as magnificent from these photos.

    PS.A real treat to see Edward and Mr Mossy back on the scene.