Sunday 4 September 2016


On the porch or should I say new front door? Hallway extension? because once it's finished it will no longer be a porch but part of the house.

The building inspector came and was very happy with the work done and also had a few good suggestions. One of which was to wrap the brick pillars in the plastic sheeting to stop any transfer of damp once they have been covered with plasterboard and plastered.
So the pillar is now nice and well wrapped.

Percy helps Dad with the second pillar.

Pushing the plastic between the wall and the wood work.

Then checking the uprights are nice and level.

Percy is a very good worker and just like his Mum is not afraid to query anything he thinks is not quite straight!!!

The timber is put in to make the doorway.

Then Percy's helps slot the weatherproof  OSB3 board into place.

Then rushing back outside to hold it in place while dad gets a few screws in to hold it firm.

Then the side panel is fitted.

and this is where we are up to. Still need to put some OSB3 over top of door frame plus down the right hand side. Yes that is a big opening for a door but it's not just a door being fitted but a side panel too.Which will allow a little more light into the space.

We have order new external lights, Paul managed to break the one on the left with a piece of board but we intended to change them anyway, so not an issue.

The piece of plastic and wood on the entrance floor is protecting that part from the heavy rain we had late yesterday afternoon and evening, which was great for the garden which was very dry but was just coming slightly into the entry.
 So after the two pieces of OSB3 go on, the next step is building paper plus batons then cement board all on the outside.
Internally , more insulation, then plaster board, ceiling insulation and plaster board. Then we'll need to wait for the front door and side panel to arrive before we can continue. So still quite a bit to do.

Paul's going to be making the stain glass windows for the door and side panel so we've been looking at photo's to get some inspiration.

 we want to keep to a 20's 30's look as the house was built in 1926.

 it was the Art Deco period

A Charles Rennie Macintosh look, love this style

Love the colour's and style of this one.. well in truth I love the style and colour's of everyone I've shown you!

This piece is for sale on ebay in the US , I love the different sizes and small colour palette used.

This is  Art Nouveau not deco.

simple but effective design. This is very similar to the style of door we will be having but with a matching side panel.

I tried to convince Paul to let me have this door and side window, I didn't ask for the top two panels but he said NO!!  Shame I do so love this door !

So I love elements of all the stain glass shown above , some of which we'll be using in our design for our windows. We'll be off to a specialist glass supplier this week to decide on and buy the glass for Paul to use when he makes the windows and I bet we buy other piece's of glass just because we love them! But Paul intends to do some more stain glass making so they'll be used eventually.

This is a piece of Paul's stain glass from a few years back that hangs in the window by the french doors in the kitchen.

to be continued....


  1. A very interesting post and Percy is just the best boy to continue to help his Dad with construction every step of the way. Way to go Percy!

    I am a big fan of stained glass too and thank you for sharing the photos of the inspiring pieces you and Paul are admiring as you plan your doorway. Paul is remarkably talented in construction and I did not know that he makes stained glass too though I am not surprised since he is so skilled with his hands. Maybe you can have several other inspired placements of Paul-created stained glass in your home. I am certain it will be wonderful. :) xxx
    note: I love that doorway in the last photo too!

    1. Percy will be right there at his dad's elbow all the way! He's looking forward to maybe having a go at the stain glass making too!

      I have added a photo of a piece of Paul's stained glass from a few years back, he went on a workshop to learn how to do it a good few years ago and he is planning to start doing it again as a hobby and the windows will be a great way for him to get back into it.
      I am more than happy to find places for his glass to hang :)

      Isn't that doorway gorgeous! I may need another building just to have it!!! :)xxx

  2. Wow - how wonderful that Paul can make the stained glass for your door - if he gets stuck, Percy can help him out. I love the inspiration you are using and look forward to seeing the final result.

    1. I'm very lucky as Paul did a stained glass workshop a good few years ago and he used to do it for a hobby and intends to restart. I've added a photo of a piece of his stained glass to the end of this post.
      I'm looking forward to helping him chose the glass! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the update. Paul is very talented....and brilliant at multi tasking too by the sound of it. You are having him doing the building and making the stained glass window!

    Thank goodness he has Percy helping him is all I can say!

    1. Your welcome :) Paul is and the porch infill will come to a grinding halt when we have to wait for front door to be made and delivered. Plus Paul enjoys making the stained glass so will no doubt vanish off with Percy into his workshop to relax and make the glass.
      Hopefully the door and glass will be finished at the same time but if not , we will fit plain glass until Paul's finished, one cannot rush an artiste!!! :)

  4. Wow! I'm certain Paul will master something like the Mackintosh design, with is my favourite. He can always ask Percy's advice...
    It's a good thing the building inspector was pleased with your work. But then, why shouldn't he? It all looks solid and well made.

    1. I love that Mackintosh design myself but I think we'll keep it simple due to the amount of other work he needs to do! He can make me a Mackintosh design later ;)
      Thank you , it is nice and solid and well made.:)

  5. WOW! What I'd give for a front door (with the matching house of course!) featured in the second to last photo! What an entrance that would make!

    Do though love your choice of the 'about-to-be door' above it. My favourite of these glass panels shown here are nos 2, 4, 6 plus the one actually inserted in 'your' future door style.

    Loved Paul's example too...but perhaps not quite as suitable for a front door displaying a 'Drawn Dagger!' (although might be just the thing for those maddening 'cold caller's' visits!)

    1. It's fabulous , isn't it! what an entrance to call ones own!

      So many great styles out there but I loved that one from the start.Same with the glass, so many great designs and colourways..

      Yes a drawn dagger may not be right fro a front door to welcome the guests!

  6. I love stained glass and all the designs you've saved are also Paul's stained glass panel, he's a man of many talents :)