Tuesday 6 September 2016


Today we went to visit Tempsford Stain Glass , to find the glass we need for the front door and side panel windows.

If you love colour as I do, it's a fantastic place to go, although dangerous as I always see lots of interesting glass in wonderful colour's that I then want Paul to buy and make something with!

Like this piece of fused glass which I encouraged Paul to buy... well said I loved it and put it in the pile to buy!

Being clear glass it's hard to see the tiny pieces of silver scattered through with some silver lines along with the white but trust me when I say it's a beautiful piece of glass.

We bought some red.

Some green

Some yellow

Some teal

Just had to get this purple ! We also bought , some softer purple, blue, amber, another green, some patterned ( clear) glass for the non coloured area's plus lead etc that's all needed to make the windows plus other piece's for future use!

On a Sasha note, the other day I shared a photo of my No navel girls but it was an old one with a couple of no navels who had moved on, so I decided today to gather the girls all together and do a little photo shoot.

And here they all are! from the left Raven, Winter, Mary, Ashley,Sansa,Agnes,Caitlin, Ginny and Martha.

Still only two brunette girls! I really should get them another sister....

Ashley on the left was my second NN but my first blonde and my blondes seem to stay at three.

 and my reds! Ginny in the centre my first ever no navel, a waif but my darling girl! Then to the right is Martha , my hoily grail of the No navel's, full blue eyes with lush red hair and then Caitlin on the left, my almost mint find. So three here and a forth...

Mary standing here with Raven and Winter, whose had eye surgery by Shelly making her unique in my group.

The reds always seem to stay around the four in number.

Same as the others, blondes three, brunettes  two.

So there they ! are nine gorgeous no navel girls , they are the Sasha's I find hardest to resist. I know that they are not everyone' cup of tea, and in the very beginning of my collecting I thought they were not for me but now well I'd always have to have a couple here.



  1. I love all the coloured glass.
    And what fun to see all the no navel girls *Jane waves at them all*
    I love that cable jumper that Caitlin is wearing too.....well I think it is Caitlin.
    Apologies if I have the wrong name.

    1. There is more... :)
      My poor girls have been slightly ignored, some more than others, poor Ashley and Caitlin ( yes that's her in her Rosie laird sweater ) are still wearing Winter and spring clothing! I don't know whether to change them or let the seasons catch up!! :)

  2. What a lovely group of gorgeous girls! And they all look different. Was the name of the middle blonde girl Sansa? (I believe I recognise that fringe from earlier posts.)

    1. Thank you and they are all so different! Yes that is Sansa and Agnes next to her! I totally forgot to go and put their names in once I remembered! They escaped me at the time of writing!Sansa does have that very distinctive fringe! :)

  3. Judging from the choice of the stained glass I can tell that YOU really love COLOUR!
    Winter and Mary are MY favourites of your No-Navels... with Ashley as runner-up!!

    1. Yes I do! :) Now that's interesting as Ginny and Ashley are mine, with all the others following very close behind! :)

  4. My favorites are Ashley and Ginny. Your line up photos are always so nice to see and they are all wonderful and beautifully dressed. I like the stained glass colors too. :) xxx

    1. Mine too! :) thanks ginger I do like to try and take some group photos every so often.
      I'm looking forward to seeing the results of Pauls stain glass work :) xxx

  5. Beautiful girls and beautiful glass.
    I look forward to seeing what the glass will be used for and how it will all pan out :)

    1. Thanks :) A long old way to go but I'll be boring you all with the details ! lol :)xx