Friday 9 September 2016


So over the last couple of days, materials have been delivered and changes made and progress too.

One of the changes made was we removed the silver faced Celotex and replaced it with 100mm Rockwall, because Paul was worried that having the silver coating both sides could possibly react with the cold air and cause a problem, so we switched it for this and will use the 100mm celotex in the ceiling. Percy could not help with this due to the fact that the little fibers can irritate the skin which it did to me despite wearing gloves and at first a cardigan, I landed up with an itchy rash on my arms for a few hours!
I filled these in while Paul cut the smaller celotex to size.

Then this was all covered with Celotex but a small 25mm size.

The whole area is now so well insulated we've decided that should the heating fail in the winter we'll move out here and be lovely and warm!

View out from the hall.

Finally time for the plaster board to go on.


What's this? Oh Percy with his new drill is driving the screws in for Dad.

Such a helpful lad.

such concentration!

What's he up to now?

Oh you are sawing some wood for dad and just checking that it's level!

Percy's loving using his new level that Dad got him.

Your just going to check a few things?

Oh I see, Just check if Dad's walls are level.... mm and are they? Yes ! Good


Paul's now added the cement boarding to the outside, just a couple of pieces left to fit, then it's waiting for the new door and frame before it can all be rendered and painted.
So nearly up to having a rest while we wait for the door...... did I speak too soon.....

We have heard from the plumber that he can start on the 19th...... which means this wall in the hall way behind which is the downstairs  bathroom needs to come down because this bathroom is going to be come a separate toilet on the right, where door is and utility on the left which needs a door!
So easiest thing is to remove this wall which is none supporting and rebuild in wood and plaster with new door way! All change round here at present!!



  1. You made good progress! And it's nice that Percy still helps Dad and didn't get bored. He is very sensible for a boys his age!

    1. Paul and Percy have worked very hard ;) Percy has been a very big help, he loves wood work and never gets bored , he does get very hungry and stops for lots of breaks for drinks, sandwiches and cake!

  2. Oh my goodness! So much is going to be happening at once *headache time* but it will all be so worth it in the long run......and I say that glibly as I am not living with all that dust!
    Thank goodness that Percy is just so helpful otherwise everything would take twice as long! LOL!

    But who is the poor girl on the table?

    1. Yes as they say 'it never rains but it pours!' but at least once we've had everyone else come and do their part, we can plod along getting it all finished one room at a time!( She says )
      Percy has been a little trooper!

      a girl on the table? I'd best go look ;)

  3. Wish that I had a Paul and Percy!
    PS. May I ask what Pintucks (your very first Sasha Doll) is doing lying on your previous wrought iron table as part of this post???

    1. I wish I could clone them i'd make a fortune! :) There's a pintuck's laying on the wrought iron table? Cannot be Libby she standing in the doll cupboard... maybe I'd best go look!

  4. So exciting to see your construction project coming along so well. Percy is just wonderful and it is so nice to have a handy man and a handy boy around the house! I spotted your pintucks laying around too. Perhaps some foreshadowing??? :) xxx

    1. It's so nice that it's moved along so quickly and I'm sure Percy's assistance was a big help.
      A pin tucks laying about..... Must go check what that's about..... :) xxx

  5. What's with the Pintucks lying on the table? Everyone is asking but are you being very coy with your response? Or just forgot? Or is there something going on here that we should know about???
    Good work Percy!