Monday 25 May 2020


Is a time for fun! and getting very little done.

  " Mum the sun's in my eyes!" Margo complains
" Ooops sorry " says mum

 "It that better " Mum asks

"Yes Thanks " says Margo

 " Are you sure it's fine ? " Magda checks " I can still see a little bit of the sun on the corner of your eye"
" It's fine , it's nothing " Margo says quickly

While the girls are talking Mum starts walking up the garden " I'll be back in a few minutes I want to photograph the Irises "

 " Okay okay I was just making sure "
" Sorry It was nice of you to ask " smiles Margo " I'm just in a hurry"

" Why ? " Magda wants to know

" Because Paddington 2 is on any minute and I love that film "
" What! Me too " cries Magda " Come on lets go before all the best seats are taken "
" But mum wanted us to stay here "
" Too bad " declares Magda " She'll understand when she see us watch Paddington, she loves him too
" She does?"
" Yes , now come on or we'll miss the beginning!"

and then there were none!



  1. Pretty button noses in their lovely Ginny dresses. I don't blame them for not hanging about though, Paddington is a good film and wouldn't want to miss it!

    1. We do love Ginny's dresses here in the village. And both of the paddington films too :) xx

  2. Did you get to watch Paddington with your crew? Those movies were so well done.