Thursday, 7 May 2020


 Ever since Zak found this bear hat in the hat box , he's been roaming the garden looking for bears!

 Surely there's a bear down here!

 but despite a good search , still no bear!

 He decides on a different approach...

 He waits so long he starts to nod off! But still no bears! He decides to make one last look down the end of the garden..

 It's now late afternoon and the sun is cooler and the garden is empty because everyone is inside doing other things.

He's following the path towards the end of the garden, where Violet and Sapphire have their garden shed.

Mm he cannot remember the last time he was up this far .. on his own...

He's just making his way round the curve in the path when..................there is a loud thud followed by
Zak freezes as his brain computes what he's just heard....

Spinning round he hurries back down the path.....

 "  I thought I heard Mum call " he says loudly for anyone or thing that could be close by " I'd best hurry!" and with that he puts on a spurt and is soon running back towards the house.

Meanwhile round the curve two very small bears lay prone on the cobbles.. slowly with lots of growlly groaning they manage to sit up

  " Are you alright ? " Hugo asks softly
Growling and groaning " I may never walk again!"
"NEVER!" says Hugo in horror
Realising he's upsetting the little bear he corrects hinself " Well when I say never... I mean maybe  or possiably.. mm my knees will be smarting for a week !"

" But can you walk? " asks Hugo a very worried look on his face
" Oh I suppose so! " complains the other bear.
" Mossy! you did frighten me ! I thought I'd crippled you !" a big fat tear rolls down Hugo's cheek
Mossy looks under his eyelashes at the tear and sighs " Wel .. mm.. I'm sorry " he rushes over the word " If you had't pulled my fur on my head I'd not have tripped and fallen over !"
" Well I saw a great big bear!" Hugo says excitedly " He could have given us a lift back to the house "
" Where? " asks Mossy jumping up and rushing off to look, quite fast for a bear with damaged knees!
But there is no sign of any great big bear to carry them both home.

 Grumbling Mossy helps Hugo climb back up on his shoulder, where Hugo clings to his ears to save falling
" Ouch ! " complains Mossy" not so tight!I'll be lucky to get home with any ears left at this rate !"
Hugo smiles , Mossy loves to complain but he's been very good and carried Hugo a long way and they still have a way to go to get home. Unless that big brown bear comes back and give them a lift!



  1. Awww what a sweet story, it's lovely to see Zac, as he's one of my favourites in the village and of course to see Mossy and Hugo again. It seems ages since we've seen the bears out and about :)

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes the poor bears don't get much adventuring these days but hopefully they start making appearences again xx