Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Carrying on the yellow theme from Tusday we have Liberty.

 Liberty , my first ever Sasha who came all the way from the US, is wearing one of my favourite smocked dresses by another american who sells on ebay under the name Special delivery 2006.

 Libby love's her special delivery dress.

Next is Sansa wearing a Vintage Sasha outfit in a beautiful yellow linen.

 Sansa loves wearing this shorts and top set by VS.

Then we have Wren in a dress by Ruth Hartley one of her shorter earlier dresses.

Wren likes the shorter lengths, says she shows for her long legs!

Then we have Hattie, when I asked her to wear something yellow she arrived wearing this ! Hattie is that yellow I asked.
Can you not see the wonderful yellow button she demanded and lets not forget the delicate splashes of yellow leaves on my blouse!

Well that told me!

 A closer look at the button , at Hattie's insistance and she can be insistant!

So they are the Wednesday wonders, what can Thursday bring....



  1. Lovely! And well we cannot argue with Hattie, that is indeed a yellow button :)
    Big hugs xxx

    1. It's always best not to argue with Hattie lol :) xx