Sunday 10 May 2020


Well this week one of the things I realised I miss, apart of course from family , friends and getting out and about, is magazines! I do enjoy reading the magazines I buy each month and will revisit them again and again over several months until when they are about a year or more old, then I will sort them out and move them on.
Now you would think that would save me money but I think I've been buying books instead!

It's been a short week this last week due to having the bank holiday on Friday to celebrate VE day. Of course last year, when they decided to move it from Monday to the Friday for this reason, there was no knowledge of what was on the hozison coming to destroy the big parade and parties that were to take place. But people were able to celebrate the day on a different level.

So in the way of all good british weather we've had two days of blazing hot sunshine, Friday and Saturday and we are now in the artic, I kid you not! That's definiately where todays wind is coming from !Today to venture outside requires a coat!

Paul washed the patio down on Friday and we could see the different colours in the paving slabs. We need to give it a good proper wash in the autumn and put sealer on it, so that it keeps showing the colour. Once the weather had cooled down around 6.30 ish I was finally about to set out the scene for taking some photos for VE day with the Sasha's etc.

At one point there were twenty two Sashas and Gregors standing round the table chatting and eating , the noise was incrediable! 

 It was handy to be able to use the patio table, no having to bend down to get photos. I was tempted to leave all the tables and food out overnight, so I could take more photo's the  next day, I considered ways of covering the tables over but then worried about if the wind got up or the sun got to them, So landed up clearing it all away, which was a shame as it would have been a great set up for more storylines.Maybe I'll set it all up again another time and get some more photos done.

I did manage to get a couple of smaller photos of some of my other styles of dolls enjoying it, but it was getting late, there was a large black cloud hanging around and the light was starting to fade. So it was a case of grabbing the dolls that were easiest to get hold of.

Hogo and Mossy managed to arrive in time for a nosh up!

 But alas Elfine had no time to be joined by her friends so had to cuddle up with some bears.

Yesterday and today Paul's been removing the pond.

Just as well we decided to remove it as this, in photo above, is a piece of the bamboo that stood at the side of the pond and it's pierced it's way through the lining and was growing below the surface! luckily it must have sealed the hole it made with it's own stem. Paul's now dug the bamboo up but we still need to deal with any runners it sent out.

Paul fished out three puppy rubber toys, a small blue glazed plant pot complete with long dead plant!, a fairy sundial and a blue glazed saucer!.
But the pond is no more and the fish await a new home.So we now need to get a couple of pieces of paving, to go with a few we already have, then get the area paved.

I have finally finished all three of Clara's cardigans, so they'll be posted off to her tomorrow so she'll have them ready for any more artic wind days or autumn, which ever comes first!

It's back to work again tomorrow but we are on holiday the week after, not that we can actually go anywhere! We will  however as usually have loads to do around the house and in the garden so I'm sure we won't notice too much about the restrictions.

Have a lovely healthy week ahead and stay safe



  1. Those are lovely cardigans Dee, Clara and her mummy are going to be dead pleased with those.
    The weather here has been odd too, we've had 30C days and then others where there is a bit of a sharp wind and I've had to go inside. And even rain where the dry river bed behind us was like the Rio Grande as it flowed so fast to the sea.
    I particularly love the old wooden girls (Schildkrot? spelling?) girls enjoying their VE Day celebrations, they seem to suit the scene just perfectly.
    Take care and stay safe xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, they arrived today, so after thet've been washed I'm hoping to see some photos of Clara in them.
      This weather is so odd just another thing to deal with along side everything else!That rain in the river bed sound quite massive!
      Those are Schoenhuts , you were along the right line :), I wished I'd set up earlier, so I could have had more joing in.
      stay safe too xx