Sunday 31 May 2020


Well what a month's that's been ! Sun sun and more sun ! Not a lot of rain and a few very cold nights early on, but on the whole a very nice lead into the summer months. It's still crazy out there but we are doing our best to carry on and keep safe , along with all our family and friends.

We have spent the weekend pretty much in the garden, working when the sun was not too hot and just sitting and making plans when it was. Paul of course did most of the work.

We visited the local garden centre, as soon as they opened on Saturday and bought a few plants we needed for the garden, there was hardly anyone there when we arrived but people driving in as we left. It was the first time in over five weeks that I have left the house and been where other people were.
I pretty much stayed well away from everyone and left Paul to pay while I waited back in the car.

So we spent time repotting older plants and potting the new ones.

 We re arranged this shady area of the garden, planting in hosta's and ferns, Paul also trimmed the tree and shrubs to allow more light in but still keeping the dappled shade. Some of the orginial plants are starting to break through the earth in places, so It looks a little bare here and there. We added a small bark path, so we can get in to weed.

Apart from that I have listed quite a few dolls to sell, no Sasha's, just other dolls that I'm giving no attention to for a year or more. I have also listed them on my sales page. I have bought a doll or two lately, Zwergnase, which I have bought before and then sold on later, these new sculpts will stay around a few years I'm sure.

Well tomorrow is the first of June! So don't forget Doll photo day on the fifth , so get those photos in.

I hope everyone as a healthy happy safe week ahead.



  1. The garden is looking particularly beautiful Dee, I really like the grouping in the first photo, and the colour you've painted the wall there, it looks really lovely.
    I'm glad you've been having good weather although I'm aware that you don't like it too hot. You had good weather at the beginning of the lockdown whilst we were having quite poor weather periodically. Now we are having the weather we expect for this time of year, although yesterday we had a thunderstorm and some very big spots of rain for about ten minutes and the wind was incredible!
    I don't blame you for being careful in the garden centre, it's certainly better to be safe than sorry.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon.I'm always saying we should not have too many pots because they will need watering but then the next thing we've got another half a dozen ! lol
      Yes our weathers beeb very hot for so early in the season but according to the latest forecast it will be back to normal by the end of the week!
      keep safe xxx