Tuesday, 5 May 2020


Today we are starting with one of my favourite dolls.

This is Alice, who is now living with Carol in Canada, having travelled from Holland to her new home at the beginning of the year.

  Also from Carol we have this sweet diarama which she tries to change each month. I just love this and have told her I will be stealing this idea for the future.

 From Teresa we have her girl who is off to do some gardening, those Zinna's look lovely cannot wait to see how they get on.

 From Gregoropolis we have three of Steve's boys looking ver y dapper in their gingham shirts.

Liz's girls are admiring the tulips that mum picked

Viv's girl is sitting outside enjoying the view

 and what a lovely view it is.

Zak thinks he's a bear and is roaming the garden looking for any other bears he can find! Not sure what he'd do if he found one!

From Jenni in wales, we have Ivy May a bit of a tomboy out climbing trees to smell the blossom.

Many thanks to everyone sending in their photos, still time to add more.


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  1. A nice collection of photos for this month of May Dee, and as per usual I forgot to send you anything! One day.....!!!!
    Big hugs xxx