Friday 22 May 2020


 " Well what's going on? " Jenny asks Valentine "what's all this wood about and how come mum's not been blogging about us!"

"Well " answers Valentine " They've been on holiday! not actually away on holiday, because the country's in lockdown, but not working , both of them, at the same time"
" But then why's mum not been posting on the blog ? "
" Because she said she would get more done if she avoid the computer and people could probably do with a rest from her wittering!" They both giggle!!

" So what's all this wood for? " Jenny demands
" It's their new garden project " Valentine states " I helped them with the design " Jenny gives him a sceptical look " I did ! I'm not going to be just an interior designer you know, I'll design gardens too! "
 " You've still not told me what this is!"
" I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you " states Valentine with a grin
Just then dad passes by " Dad ! Valentine says he's going to kill me!"
Dad keeps walking but says " Don't kill your sister Valentine, it's not nice!"
Valentine's grin widens  " No sir  "
Jenny huffs " well I'll just go and ask Mum " and with that she off in search of Mum , closely followed by Valentine chuckling away much to her annoyance!



  1. So exciting! How many days til retirement? I hope it still very soon.

    1. Yes very ! Well I'm not sure as I may stay on another two months working from home or a may not !!

  2. Well I happen to love Mrs Mum's Wittering, but I definitely understand how computer time can kill productivity (and empty the wallet)!

    1. You are too kind :) Yes alas It didn't quite keep me totally off computer but it did save me some yime in the early days of the week :)

  3. That Valentine is such a talent, designing gardens as well as everything else!!
    Big hugs xx

    1. Valentine is very full of himself at times and looking at the deatils on the internet with Mum and Dad does not make it , his design..... lol xx