Friday, 1 May 2020


The first of a new month, the month of May. I always feel like we are now getting into the nicer warmer months of the year once we get to May.

To celebrate Magda finally changed out of her winter wear! I did offer to help her a month or so ago but she said "No thank you I'm fine "
Then suddenly this week, she was following me round asking just when did I intend to help her dress ! Then I realised .... she'd seen the parcel that arrived from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, now I understood the hurry, she wanted to get in first before the others!

 I cannot say I blame her as the new dress from Ginny's is rather lovely.

The colours suit her I think.

She even agreed to wear the bright pink shoes which match with the rabbits on her dress.

and she didn't even want to wear a cardigan because as she told me " I don't want the rabbits to be in the dark" ! I just hope the temperature doesn't drop.

She was very patient while I took several photos.

was that a sigh ?

" Right just a couple more"
"No, sorry "
"No? "
" Sorry Mum no, I have to go "
"Go where? "
" Go inside and show off my new dress "
" Okay but don't cause a riot!"
 and with that she vanished with a giggle....... I can see trouble coming... I'd best get back on the computer and see what I can find!



  1. Magda is so full of personality! She looks wonderful in that dress.

    1. She certainly is ! She'd say thank you if she reads this but would accept it as her due!!

  2. I LOVE Magda and that is the perfect dress for her.
    I'm still looking out for a button nose girl as a friend for Bertie, but they seem as rare as dragons' teeth these days, so more Magda pictures, please!

    1. I have to confess I love her too! and she does have that ability to look good in almost anything!

  3. What a pretty little dress, it looks so cute on her with the bright pink collar and the dotty rabbits. I love the matching shoes too. I think Magda really will cause a riot when the others see what she's got!

    1. It does suit her and finally something the shoes go with! lol She'll enjoy causing a mini riot that child! xx