Friday 15 May 2020


 "What's that you have there Zak ? " Mum asks

" Some dusters I found them on the floor outside Valentine's room "

 Mum looks at the 'dusters' she's sure their not dusters but not sure what they are!
"I'm going to use them to dust off my bike " Says Zak walking off down the garden.

 When Mum comes out into the garden later, she sees someone looking at the pot plant on the table.

They turn round and she sees it's Valentine.
" You're looking very smart Valentine " Mum says then she frowns ! " Where did you get those short trousers from? " but she knows the answer as she finishes asking " VALENTINE!  Have you just cut up the new trousers that just arrived from Ginny!"

Valentine looks down at his new short trousers " Yes aren't they cool "

he continues " Stylist but practical in the warmer weather "

 "B b but!" stutters Mum " they were a perfectly good pair of trousers ! I could have asked Ginny to make you some shorter one's if you'd asked me!"
" I don't have time to hang around " declares Valentine " Someone " he looks pointedly at Mum " was taking away my best suit , so I needed clothes"

 " Valentine you have more clothes that most of the girls" states Mum
Unimpressed Valentine turns to go " Not being a one trick pony " he says " I always have to be moving forward not standing still and stagnating "

 "For some of us it's a need to look good , not a game of one upmanship!"

 Stopping near the Yuka plant he sighs" One could almost be on holiday, these clothes are so comfortable "

 He goes quiet for a moment , which worries Mum greatly...  and she should be worried, Valentine's thinking which other trousers he could cut the ends off! after all it's only the start of the warmer weather.
Without another word he goes off inside whistling.. Mum feels a shiver run down her spine.... it's not good ...she's going to have follow him and just see what he's up to ....



  1. Oh dear, I think it's time for Mrs. Mum to hide the scissors, otherwise 1980's ripped T-shirts might be coming back in style in the village!

    1. Oh No! Don't give him ideas! I don't want him going all retro on me!

  2. Ooops! Well if it's any consolation he does look incredibly handsome in that outfit, the colour is perfect for him. I suppose you could put separating zips on each piece and he could have them back as long trousers for the winter!!!

    1. That's the problem , he knows he looks good! lol
      I'll let him decide if he wants some zips to add the cutoffs back for winter but knowing him, he'll be off designing other things and will have lost interest ! xx

  3. VAL-EN-TINE!!! I'm shocked, really shocked. You should have asked first!

    No, no. Not about the cutting off the trouser bottoms thing, but whether you could have a brand new, state of the art sewing machine and assorted bolts of fabric and, well why not? You could have added in a full, all costs paid tailoring course.

    If you ask, you might get, but just a one off DIY fashion minor alteration? Who is going to realise what a super-rising-star of the fashion business you are from that?
    I thought you had more ambition! Parents always want their children to be high achievers and this would be Mrs. Mum's and Mr. Dad's chance to show their great parenting by sending you to fashion school. ASK! You might just persuade them!
    Your friend,
    Joachim x

    1. Joachim, I want to design interiors and do a course on interior design, making my own clothes I only do if Mum annoy's me!Her face is alway such a picture lol.
      Mum does always say that as long as we are happy she doesn't mind what we do, however if I do become an interior designerI have to decorate her house when it needs doing! and how she wants it! So we are still arguing about that!
      your friend