Friday 8 May 2020


Today is a bank holiday, very strange as bank holidays are usually on a Monday! So every one is thinking it's Saturday!!

 The kids have been waiting all day because Mum said it was too hot to party! Finally she's getting the tables filled with party fare.

Soon the children were gathering excitedly

 They were scanning the goodies on the table trying to decide what to have first!

 Lots to drink too!

 The chattering is slowly getting louder.

 Still lots of room , that's good.
 Plenty of space

 Zak is planning to start with an ice cream sundae

 Robin asks Saffron if she'd like some tea?
But Saffron's not sure if she's ever had tea! and if she has did she like it?

The tables are full

Ice cream , cake and triffle!

Cake and tea plus biscuits

 More biscuits, cakes and pie!

 Forties music is playing in the back ground.

 " We'll meet again don't know where don't know when... "

what is this more arrivals!

 Saffy tells Coco she cannot remember if she likes tea, Coco shrugs her shoulders, I just drink cofee She replys.

 Are you wearing the same dress as me! demands Magda of Margo!
No Margo smiles It's the same.. Magda gasps... but different, Mum said so!
Magda studies the dress and gives a slight nod in agreement

Who wants some lemon drink asks Christian holding the jug handle, a chrous of me's fill the air.

Hattie and the girls at the end of the table are discussing when they can get out into the garden and help Dad with the planting.

 Well the noise of all these children chatting and laughing along with the music filling the air is making for a very jolly party.

 and to think not everyone's arrived yet!

We'll leave them enjoying themselves, don't doubt it will be us doing the dishes and clearing up later!

 Mossy and Hugo have made it back just in time to join in the feast!
Hugo asks Mossy .. if I stick my head in this lovely triffle will I drown? Mossy who is busy about to dive into a large Sundae icecream.. just says .. go for it!


  1. Not much social distancing going on here...............:)
    Great post though!

    1. You don't need to socially distance if you in same house Simples!
      Glad to see you are alive and well up there in Bonnie Scotland :) xx

  2. These are gorgeous photos Dee, so much detail and the props!!! My goodness you've been busy getting all those together. I love the whole scene.

    1. Thanks Sharon. It went quite well , I liked how the tables are different sizes so go up and down , just like if people brought all their tables out of their houses and put them together! xx

  3. What a wonderful party! I'm sure everyone needed a nap after all that delicious food!

    1. It was and they did, well I did I've no idea just what they got up to later !