Monday 14 September 2020


 Halyna sent in her photos for the doll post but they were a few days late and then I forgot all about them! I know , very poor!

So I am adding them here as they have a photo story to them. I have added the words to Halyna's photos and idea.

Anthony and Vera are out in the park when they spy a large animal ahead of them!

"Do you think it's dangerous? " Anthony asks Vera

"I don't think so "

Their dogs stand guard ready to defend their mistress and master

"Oh " smiles Vera " It's a cat!"

"I wonder if it's got a home " says Anthony " Maybe we could give it one? "

"I'm sure it's just taking a walk in the park just like us" Vera says

Anthony is a little disappointed he'd have liked to take that fine ginger cat home!

The end 



  1. Great pics and nicely dressed kids!

  2. Maybe the two sweet dogs would disagree with a cat brought home.
    Or the cat might not like a home with two doggies...