Tuesday 15 September 2020


So having slipped off my no more Sasha dolls, self imposed plan. You would expect me to have been content with my lot......

Well it all started this time with a name..... 

I had been to see the Princess Clara and her mum Courtney , who is expecting a little prince in mid November. Of course the question of names came up, as it always will at these times. They like quite a few but so far nothing's grabbed them.

So on our way home, we were talking about our visit and of course names, when a name I loved popped into my head! I knew it was definiately not one they'd use for the baby but it just would not go away. So I decided that when I got back I would look on ebay and see if there was a Gregor by that name awaiting adoption.

I can hear you now... there are only Gregor's for sale , they don't have names ! Well this can be true in general, however I have found that any boy intending to come live in the village always tells me their name before, in some cases, I've even managed to secure them!

So I went looking later that night and there were a few Gregors available but not THE one.... at first ... but then suddenly there he was! 

Now I did try just putting him my watching and went off to bed, thinking I'd sleep on whether to buy him, only to return back downstairs twenty minutes later, open up my ipad and pay his adoption fee ! 

Only this lad could be the perfect lad for the name in my head, because it WAS his name!

  I ask you who else of all the Gregor's out there would fit the name ... Atticus ! Only this one in his muchroom suit with it's peaked cap and his shy face.

 He's the first doll I have photographed here, by the rock garden, who managed to hide Joan of Arc's stated behind his head, without me knowing!

I was a little worrried , he would not take off his cap ! and was using it like a safety blanket.

But it's a lovely hot sunny day today, so after a while he did remove it.

He looks almost mint, especially his face, which is also one of the wide ones. He is a 1970 boy with the all white strings.

I'm looking forward to finding out all about him over the coming weeks. I can already see he's a quiet and serious lad who the others will help bring out of his shell.

Now that's a button nosed girl and a gregor , totally unexpected purchases, so you'd think that would have been it....... but no it appears in for one turned in for three..... 



  1. He really has those quintessential Gregor good looks. Quite a few of my kids just started out as a name in my head. Some I am still looking for. Congrats on the forthcoming prince. That's pretty exciting!

    1. He certainly does. I do love the brunette Gregors ! Hard to resist. Good luck finding the ones for those names!
      It is exciting and not too long to wait now