Sunday 13 September 2020


 and it's a beautiful sunny day. This week's gone by quite quickly as we have pottered about doing things.

Paul's been working on the hallway most of the week, still not up to the decorating stage quite yet ! He's working on pulling our design together. We did however go out to look at flooring and also stair carpet.

So here's where we are at! We will have the striped carpet on the left on the stairs and very small landing above. In the centre is the flooring that , at present unless we change it, will run through the hallway into the living room and then on into the sitting room. On the right is the paint Farrow's Cream by F&B which will be on the unpapered walls and of course at the top is Morris and co, Pimpernel wallpaper from the other walls. The only thing not shown is the Wimborne white that we will paint all the woodwork and stairs in.

The wallpaper won't actually be seen directly next to the striped carpet, so the fact the flower is more pink than red won't effect the overall look.

They will come friday week to measure everything and then it will be a case of getting the decorating done ,so it can all be laid! Sounds so simple ! But still loads to do to get to that stage.

I also ordered all the paint from F&B, not just for hallway but also to freshen up the living room painted wall, Matchstick and then the St.Giles blue for the sitting room, breakfast/kitchen area's. I will add a separate post in the week for how the hallways coming along.


It also seems after being so good for quite a while, on the Sasha doll front, a small mini bus.... or taxi has arrived and unloaded it's passengers.

If you read Friday's post you will have met Bea...

 my new to me button nosed girl, who joins, Magda, Margot and Olivia along with Oliver and Peter. I'm not sure whether Bea would look better with a fringe! But will wait to see and maybe try a fringed wig on her !

Then it seems I had a slip of the finger very late on Thursday night and another alighted from that taxi on Saturday ,to make their home here, but more about that passenger and why they arrived in the week.

Well my part in all this decorating, is prep and cleaning and continuing to sort out things, find homes for some and get rid of others. I will also slowly start removing the books from the bookshelf , to be stored away until the floorings been laid through out downstairs. I intend to start doing this a couple of shelves or so a week , so as not to have to remove everything in one go.

I'll have to sort through the books at the same time.

So on that note and the fact I need to feed my worker , I'll wish you all a lovely healthy happy doll filled week ahead.




  1. Sounds like the decorating is coming along well. Can't wait to see the 'big reveal'. I like Bea's no fringe look. I think she would look nice with a headband or ribbon. I would do that more with my girls, but I'm afraid I'm terrible at tying bows. As I've commented on FB, my bows always look like they were tied by a drunk ape.

    1. It is coming along well. I may try her with a hat or gypsy style scarf, her forehead just seems a little dominate to me ;)
      Best be careful the society for drunken apes doesn't challenge you to a bow tying competition, to show they can tie perfect bows while under the influance! ;)

    2. LOL, I know what you mean about the imposing foreheads the button nose kids have. I've always said that you could project a movie on Rolf's forehead!

  2. Adore the stair carpet you have chosen. I may try to find something similar for my stairs.

    1. Thanks Julie, it's by Condor carpets, Shetland Berber, lots of lovely stripes in their range and plenty of others out there too!