Saturday 5 September 2020


 Yes it's already September the fifth and so all your lovely doll photo's have arrived to be shared with the readers/viewers of this blog. So lets get started...

Blake Valerie and James, residents of Gregoropolis have come along to show us their go getteing style, don't they look the bees knees! I do love James who appears to be one of those wonderful petite Gregors.

 From the Sasha Village  we have Margot, Hattie and Martha peeking through the new spindles or are they inspecting Dad's work? 

Also from the Sasha Village , we have the Sasha Village choir led by Robin. They are practicing for the carol service at Christmas. Robin says they need to start early because he says so.... the girls all love Robin so just agree.

From Jenni in Wales, we have this little cutie holding a tomato ! I wonder if she's planning on having it for lunch?

From Ursula we have Harley riding Blacky and looking very much the professional rider! Could be a future Olympic champion !

From Carol in Canada we have this months diarama , I love all the little details in Carol's scenes.

From Viv we have her new girl with the stunning blue eyes and brunette hair . a rare beauty.

Also from Jenni in Wales we have her new boy Hans, who looks very sweet and should enjoy living with all her Zwergnase dolls.

From Chris we have these two lovely button nosed girls in pink and blue, don't they look smart.

Many thanks to everyone taking part in this months doll day. Still time to have your photo added should you wish.



  1. Lol, I think Robin has those girls eating out of his hand!

  2. A great range of photos.
    A special thank you Gregor Daddies for reminding me that must send in a photo my Caleb twins next month, they are sorely neglected.

  3. The brunette button nose girl is so adorable!