Wednesday 9 September 2020


 Christian is out in the garden heading home, when he comes across a fence in his way ! He is sure it wasn't there when he set out earlier! He's been right round the garden and it's taken him a good hour and he is within reach of the back door!

Well there is nothing for it but he'll have to climb over it ,because he doesn't want to have to walk all the way back!

He starts out well, especially as he does not like heights.

It sounds like he's talking to himself.. lets listen......

" You can do this! It's only a teenie tiny little fence..... it's not... yes it is! "

"Put your foot there... I said there.. THERE ! " he clings to the fence

"Oh no ! my foot's stuck ! That's all your fault !"

" Me! "

"Yes you keep shouting!"

"Well excuse me for trying to help!"

"Sh I'm trying to concentrate "

"Steady... STEADY ! "

"Ouch !"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm resting on me bits "

"Bits? "

"yes BITS... me man bits! "

"Oh your bal...."

"Quiet don't be so rude! and stop giggling I'm going to fall "

 "Come on Chris you are almost over ! You can do this "

"I think I'm stuck ... "

"You are not stuck " 

"I am ! I'm going to die laying on this fence ! Poor Zak will find my rotting corpse "

"Anyone tell you you should be on the stage ? "

"What? "

"Well your a right dancing queen!"

"It's not dancing queen, it's drama queen "

"no it's dancing queen "

" It's drama !"


"Drama !"

He's so busy argueing with himself , he's over the fence and down the other side without realising!

Christian finally reaches bottom as his inner self says " Dancing! You should have seen your body dancing on the top of that fence!"

Christian rests for a moment calming himself and his inner voice quietens and then stops.

 Turning he quickly scans the area to make sure noone was around to witness him arguing with himself as he climbed the fence. He breathes out in relief, when he sees he's all alone. Smiling he tries a jaunty whistle as he heads towards the back door. His whistling like his climbing needs a bit of work but who can deny him his moment of joy at defeating his inner demon.




  1. This could be me! Always talking to myself and no good with heights....
    But he was very brave to climb the fence anyway.

    1. But do you answer yourself? I'm quite good with heights but some fencing can be a challenge !
      and yes he was very brave

  2. Hmmm, could this be Toby's (bad) influence? At least Christian has the sense to try to talk himself out of these ideas.

    1. I'm sure Toby would have done lord knows what damage to himself and the fence trying to get over it! Poor Christian at least made it safely!

  3. Glad you enjoyed his inner discussion :) they can be most helpful at these times ;)