Thursday 29 July 2021


 Zak finds Toby in the garden 

"What are you doing ! " asks Zak

"Training what's it look like !" Toby replies somewhat shortly

"Training for what ? " Zak  says looking confused

"The Olympics of course "

"On what ? " Zak ask

" Isn't it obvious !" says Toby puffing

" Ar No ! "

" I'm following my new hero Matt Whitlock on the....

caramel bars , but they are too low for me to do the swings !"

Toby straightens up " I need bigger bars to practice on , these are too small "

Zak looks at Toby to see if he is joking but realises he is not " Toby it's not caramel bars it's Parallel bars ! "

"That's not what they said on the TV !" Toby insists " But I think they must have special ones that are longer and fatter "

" Toby the bars are made of wood and set on a frame so they are high enough and strong enough for a man to swing on and balance and so they can take their whole weight !" Zak tells him " Caramel bars would just break and the athlete would get injured "

" Are you 100 per cent sure about this !" Toby demands 

" Yes " 

"Well what am I going to do with these ? "

" Well we could eat them ? "

"REALLY " says Toby

 Of course they  sweets after all " 

" What Caramel is sweets ? " Toby says disbelievingly " those bars are sweets ? "

" Yep " confirms Zak

"Whooo hooo !" crows Toby reaching for a bar " I'll ask dad to make me some cara.. I mean Parallel bars in the mean time lets practice eating these "

" They are quite big " states Zak " Maybe we should share them with the others ? "

" You can share your one if you like " says Toby " But this mommas mine ! " 


  1. 🤣 That is so typical of kids, they often get confused with words. My neice used to get confused with the pronunciation of words begining with TH and F, but it's a long story.
    Big hugs,

    1. I swear that boy only listens to the bits that suit him! Always seems to miss the important details ! Hugs x

  2. I actually like Toby's idea. I have a stationary bicycle that I would rather eat than get on and peddle!

    1. Lol, alas I had eat one bar just to check it was safe for the boys to have, didn't want him accused over using a stimulant ! ;)

  3. Perhaps synchronized diving for the two of them?