Tuesday 20 July 2021



Well Mum's come down this morning to find some shoes and socks just left on the coffee table!

She wonders who just left them there!

She then spots a pile of clothes out under the gazebo... she can hear voices down the garden..

Zak is talking to Ivor the gargoyle "  You are so lucky you don't need to wear clothes " explains Zak " We have been roasting in winter clothing for months !"

Igor doesn't seem impressed and looks at Zak and his socks , Zak notices him looking " I don't want to get stones in my feet and I can get cold very easily !"

Igor just stares.. so Zak decides to find the others..

He stands next to Toby who says " I'm not too sure I want everyone to see Norman ? "

"Whose Norman? " asks Zak confused, not seeing any new people about.

" You know Norman " says Toby pointing down

Zak looks then quickly looks back up " You call it Norman ? "

" Yes " says Toby surprised " Don't you have a name for yours? "

" Ar no !" Zak mumbles

"Anyway " Toby carries on " I said this to Percy and he told me to use a sock !"

"But it keeps falling off ? " 

" Maybe a baby sock would be better " Zak says

" Mmm I'll have to see "

"Video's running " someone says

Suddenly Erik calls for quiet !

"Well Mum , we gave you fair warning what would happen if you didn't produce our shorts and t shirts this morning , so you have given us no choice but to keep our word !"

A gauntlet is thrown down ! or a pair of underpants in this case !!

"This is your final warning !" They all say together, well almost all together " 

" Tomorrow it will be the Full Monty !" says Erik , then notices Lucas ..

"Lucas ! Sit down "

" Me Pirate !"

" Yes well sit down and put your hat on your lap " 

Lucas starts to stare at Erik  " Now Lucas !   or no ice cream later " 

"We'll edit that part out " says Erik to his brothers " so all together !"



  1. Yikes! Good thing it is summer and not winter.

    1. lol It because it's summer and I left them dressed for winter ! :)

  2. Oh dear, it looks like Mrs. Mum has a situation on her hands - a boxer (and brief) rebellion!

    1. I certainly hope the rebellion is 'brief ' ! :)

  3. 🤣 What a wonderful naked mass protest!! This story had me giggling Dee, better get busy and dress them before they get dirty and you have to bath them too!
    Big hugs,

    1. The youth of today are just too ready to prtest ! ;) Hopefully i can save the neighbours from calling the police due to all the naked boys next door! hugs x

  4. Well they warned you... love that story! It made my day.