Monday 5 July 2021


 Yes it's that time already Doll photo day!

So lets get this party started...

First up we have to Gregoropolis boys, Logan and Frederick who were telling Dad that the girls were having too much doll photo time and they were making a stand!

Of course Dad decided to confuse the issue by asking just where were they standing?

"Huh ? What is he on about ? " a confused Logan said " We are standing right here !"

" Mmm maybe he cannot see us ? " Frederick ponders " You know old folks need glasses sometimes "

Daddy Steve decides to slip away before the girls appear and decide to stand with the boys or not !

Meanwhile over at Never Uschui Zazou is wondering just how big Mum is going to let the grass at the gnome house grow ! Mmm she thinks .. maybe it's one of those wild flower meadows for the bugs and the bees...... 

Over by the house Quirina is wondering just what Mum intends to do with this leek that is about to flower that's all twisted up and down! Just what was she thinking!

Over at RoRoPo Holly is checking the vine leaves and is sure there will be lots of lovely grapes for the wine.

But Julchen is going for flower power !

Halyna's Harlequin is showing off her new outfit that mum made.

Her sisters are very impressed ,

So of course they ask Mum , Can we have some too? I think Halyna will be busy making more !

Here in the village Ginny's been checking out the flowers and doing some dead heading, keeping them nice and tidy.

Many thanks once again to everyone sending photos , still time to join in, just send those doll photos in.



  1. Whew, all those wonderful photos! Nice pictures of so handsome kids! Doll Photos Day is always a highlight to look forward to, I enjoy it every month! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are all great photos. but it was nice to see some boys for a change. 😁
    Big hugs,