Monday 19 July 2021



"Hello Mum "

"Hello Erik "

"We need to have a talk " says Erik sounding very serious !

"We do ? "

"Yes "


"The other boys and me are wondering just when do you intend to get us into our shorts and t shirts "

" Soon, very soon " Mum mumbles

" How soon is very soon ? " Erik give mum a serious stare

Mum looks away " I just need to find the box "

Erik points over to the Sasha Studio " So what you are saying  ,is that you spent a week on tidying the studio and now you cannot find the box with the shorts etc  !"

Covering mum says " Well you are already wearing a t short and lots of people wear jeans in the summer !"
Erik looks at his mum in disbelief ! " Really ! Mum it's in the top 20's possibley 30 degrees today, noone would want to wear jeans in this weather !"
Erik cuts Mum off " and some of the boys are still wearing heavy woollen sweaters  and HATS!!!! "

Mum goes red 
Erik almost.. almost lets her off the hook but he knows his brothers will give him stick if he does.
Taking a deep breath he says " My brothers and I, who are still dressed for midwinter ! will be removing all our clothing in protest and walking  about commando until we get our summer clothes "

" And what you going to do if your sisters appear ? " say Mum smugly
Erik goes a little red but continues " Nothing ! If they see something too bad ! " he says with a touch of bravado ..

Then before mum can answer, he's off calling out to his brothers to start stripping!!!!

To be continued....


  1. Erik, you are so right... If this does not work you may cut the jeans so you have shorts and Mum will learn to give you the summer dresses earlier!

    1. Auntie H, I think even these jeans as shorts will still be too hot !
      Mum had bestv get this sorted !
      Love Erik

  2. I don't believe they will do it ! But I'd best fidn that box :)

  3. Maybe a little over dressed, but that outfit sure goes nicely with his gorgeous blue eyes.

    1. See I tell him this and he just rolls those eyes ! But yes that top is a good match for him ;)