Wednesday 21 July 2021



Saved by Dolly Doodles ! Yes Mum found the dolly doodles box of clothes , so was able to gather enough clothes to cover the rears of several naked boys!

"Thanks mum, I knew you would not let us down " 

Mum smiled " Well I couldn't have the neighbours or the girls complaining about see you lot running around naked ! "

"Mmm about them not seeing anyone naked " Erik says , he holds up a pair of shorts " one of the boys is refusing to put his shorts on "

"Who ? " demands Mum

Erik takes mum to the opening of the gazebo...

"LUCAS ! Get back here this minute and put on your shorts !" Mum calls

A giggling Lucas just starts running away " No shorts mum ... " 

So a chase ensues whereby Lucas runs streaking about the garden avoiding both mum and Erik trying to catch him ! Who knew a toddler could be so fast or so wily !

It's not until mum stops out of breath and says to Erik " Stuff this ! Let's go have some ice cream Erik " that they walk away , suddenly followed by Lucas calling " Me Ice cream   and me.... "

Mum wishes she'd thought of this earlier!!


  1. Love that last photo Dee, very amusing post!
    Big hugs,

  2. Thanks :) I must remember that magic word for the grandchildren ;) lol