Sunday 4 July 2021



 So It's Sunday but I will start with my photo a day and today it is Octavia,.

Well I have had a lovely week since it was my birthday on Thursday, so I have had some lovely cards and presents from the family. My daughter Lindsey bought home a lovely meal which she cooked and served up.

I was given a lovely Morris and co bag , along with a Emma Bridgewater voucher, which I have already spent in their sale and am just waiting on delivery plus another unknown Emma B present is one it's way from anotherv daughter! So well and truly spoilt.

Linda wanted to know what Morris and co items Paul had treated me to last week for my birthday and it was two blouses, a pair of sneakers and a linen dress ( not shown ) Luckily none of the fabric's match the wallpapers of I'd be vanishing inot the decor !!!

So whats been happening on the doll front!

Well I had a few more sales of dolls! Mostly Sasha's as I decided that a few could go to new homes this time.

Unfortunately one of the oldest I sold decided to arrive with her legs and head completely wobbling, having left here only slightly starting to wobble, so I am waiting for the buyer to return her for a restring or to be able to pop over and sort the doll out for her. I do hate how one minute these dolls are just slightly loose and then next they cannot stanbd for love nor money! Luckily the lady is not too far away, so a trip to resolve the issue is possible.

Also one of the dolls was sold to a sasha friend who lives quite close so she decided to have a drive out and collect her. So we had a lovely visit , the first indoors since the last lockdown , while we had a cuppa and talked dolls and pandemic!

So five more dolls found a new home this week and only one arrived and she's a non sasha whose been on layaway for months. I have also sold a few more clothes , so it's all going nice and slowly.


who is now wearing a lovely Vintage Sasha set now ,to match in with her Button sisters.She is also wearing a pair of matching blue shoes by Petrana which could have been made for this outfit! She is one very happy button now she is the same as her sisters.

Strangely when I bought these shoes,in this blue, I didn't realise that I would have a matching outfit and at the same time I bought another couple of pairs and one of those pairs is a perfect match for a dress I bought from Ginny!

So an unexpected bonus!  I have to say that I do like these small slipper style shoes with the little bead trims.

Since we are now into the second half of the year I decided it was time I got my act together with sorting the doll studio and to that end I have been spending an hour or so a day sorting things away. On Satureday I cleared out and moved some shelves in one of the cabinets, which allowed me to finally get the zwerganse dolls back out of their bags and into a shelf where I can see and enjoy them and take one out if I want.

I have reduced them down from eighteen to eleven , nine of which are now here and the other two indoors where I can see them more often. Because there are now only nine here I was able to put my natterer dolls beside them.

But I have decided that the smaller Natterers , the Minouche, can go on a smaller shelf which will allow me to put my Carpentina boys and my Kids n cats dolls in this space too. 

I had ro remove a shelf to get the height and all the bramber bears who were happily sitting there , had to move to the other display cabinet.

That is the good thing about having some smaller sized bears etc , they can fill in a small space.

Paul also put a shelf for me in the studio above the worktop. It had to be kept high because you are not supposed to tie the wall strips together in order that they can move with the cold or heat. So the brackets needed to fit and screw into only one of the planks, plus I did not want the bottom of the brackets to appear in my photos. So the shelf is quite high, I need the steps to get things on and off, and close to the roof, so only certain things will fit .

At the moment I am just getting things up there that fit and that I won't need too often. Still room for a few more things as I carry on sorting.

My little trio of cases have found a home where I can easily get to them.

So it's all going well , if somewhat slowly , but then It's not like I have to be anywhere any more!
I just need to start using up some of the wool and fabric as I go along and it will all be going in the right direction.

I will wish you all a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead.



  1. I love those Morris sneakers and half wish they made them for big guy feet. I see you got one of Ginny's butterfly dresses. I was torn between that one and the same style in a Japanese fabric, ultimately choosing the later. Don't you love the neckline on them?

    1. Me too, love the sneakers and yes they should do them in big sizes for everyine.
      Yes I loved the butterfly dress and went back for a cream one too! I agree the neckkine is perfect for them :)