Tuesday 27 July 2021



Ollie is standing in front of dad's display of Allium seedheads, they are so big they can only fit on the patio table !

"I think they would fit on the kitchen table but mum would have to put her sewing machine, that's been sitting on the end of it for three months unused , away ! says Ollie " and we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon! "


  1. Men, or boys, will seldom realize you have to have a sewing machine handy - and not to be stored somewhere far away. Mine is sitting on the floor next to the dining room table - the dogs have learned to leave it alone.
    I like Allium flowers, but I never thought of displaying the seed heads. Clever idea!

    1. Yes we are more likely to use it if where we can see it!.
      The seedheads look good in flower arrangements or just on their own.