Thursday 15 July 2021



Violet and Sapphire are watering the pots by the gazebo.

Violet thinks the watering can is too small and puts it down.

"It will takes us ages to water all these pots with such a small watering can " states Sapphire.

"We need some bigger watering cans or to use the hopepipe !" Violet adds

" The hosepipe is way to big for you to hold " I tell them " and bigger watering cans will be heavier to carry, so you would get tired even quicker "

They are not sold.. and go off mumbling about looking in the gardening catalogue for bigger watering cans and smaller hosepipes !!


  1. A smaller hosepipe would be quite an improvement! I hope it fits the tap...
    Love their dungarees.

    1. Yes a smaller hopepipe would help them but alas the tap is too big, so they must use the watering cans for now :)