Saturday 17 July 2021



Zak has settlerd down to read the one of the post cards we received from the lads at Gregoropolis but before he starts he decides to remove his heavy sweater !

He is still feeling quite warm but wants to see what the lads have to say, so starts reading. " Mmm  .... mm ... mm ...." silence " Oh....  mmm.. ah ... "

" I didn't get a word of that !" I tell him

" They have a blue ox where they live that they go and visit and asked if we have any round here "

" What blue ox? "

" No places "

" well of course we have places! What sort of places? shops? play grounds, churches ? "

" Fun places " Zak says rolling his eyes at mum " Places that boys like "

" Oh like Knebworth house's childrens wooden play castle etc "

"Yes like that " smiles Zak " Can we go visit ? "

" not today it's too warm " mum says then continues

" Plus you children are too small to go inside , it's huge ! and costs money "

"well I know what doesn't cost money !" says Zak

"What ? "

" Finding me some shorts and a t shirt to change into "

Mmm that boys getting far to clever ....


  1. Hi Zak,
    Lumberjacks like Paul Bunyon actually wore their winter woolens all year round. Of course, they didn't smell so great which is why they lived in the woods and had oxen for girlfriends ;-)

    1. Hi
      Mum makes us wash all the time! You would think she had shares in a soap factory ! I wouldn't mind not changing all the time but don't want to get whiffy! or have a girlfriend who is an Ox!
      I think I just might go and find some clean clothes myself
      your friend Zak

  2. I'm finding it hard to keep up with your posts Dee, but keep 'em coming I enjoy seeing all your Sashas, but I may not comment every day. I'm a bit curious though, are all you Sashas English ones?
    Big hugs,

    1. Lol, not need to comment on them all, it's my challenge to myself to post a photo at least everyday this month ! :)
      I probably have more Gotz dolls than English Trendon's. All the button nosed , the no navels, the unisex ( Valentine and Coco ) are Gotz dolls , Hattie, Jenny and most of the other boys are Trendons.
      You have made me wonder, I will have to go a gotz via Trendon head count :) hugs xx

    2. Perhaps one day you could show the difference between them, I find it very difficult to differentiate between types. I do know some are different heights, but have no idea which.

    3. I was already thinking about doing that, watch out for a post soon :) There is not much difference in heights they stand between 15 to 17 inches at most.

    4. Oh thank you, I shall look forward to it, I really would like to learn more about these dolls of yours. 😊😘