Saturday, 31 July 2021


 Last for the month but by no means least is Hattie !

or to give her ,her full name , Harriette Helenor Bonham Carter Owen , yes a mouthful !

But Hattie, loves Helenor Bonham Carter , so insisted that her name be added between her own. Hattie loves to follow Helenor's sense of fashion style, never liking to settle for the ordinary.

Even for the photo shoot , she had to stand somewhere different ! So stood on the new large waterbutt !

Hattie is also the designer of Hattie's Hat with Hattitude and in the early days she made and sold many hats before stopping to concentrate on her schoolwork.

She's even settled down a ligttle on her 'helenor ' style but does flair up every so often .


  1. A perfect end to the month with pretty Hattie HBCO!

  2. You did it! One post each day! Wow! And Hattie is a worthy finish to this memorable month, she's always been one of my favourites.

    1. Yes ! and all new photos , no oldies but goodies ! Lol
      Hattie says she is glad someone remembers her since she's not been around much lately :)

  3. Hattie is a girl after my own heart! What a beautiful head of red hair you have too!!

    How you ever managed to post one doll a day for a month is beyond belief, but you did it Dee . . . CONGRATULATIONS!
    That deserves the biggest hug of the month!

    1. Hattie says thank you :)

      Yes I managed not to forget or put an old photo on, which means the dolls did finally get some attention lol Hugs x

  4. Congratulations! I have tried several time to post a photo a day on Instagram and failed miserably, so can TrueType appreciate the effort that went into posting once a day.