Saturday 5 February 2022


 For once I have my photos ready first maybe because I thought Friday was the 4th ! So rushed about getting them done.


Hattie is still in saintly mode on the dresser, while Toby and Percy are still waiting for some shoes and Angelica and Claudia are just waiting for something to happen ! A right motley crew !

Arabella is standing on the mantlepiece wearing a foxy stole complaining there's a draft ! How quick she's settled in!

Ursula's girl Mayla is wondering if she picks the aconites for a valentine's day posy, if mum would notice ? I think mum will Mayla , so maybe best to leave them where everyone can enjoy them !

From Gregoropolis we have two newbies to the crew , a couple of red haired family members who are settling in well.

From RoRoPo we have Ruben who is amongst the china believing it makes him close to the Winter Olympic's that are happening in that country at this very moment ! Hildegard does not have the heart to tell him that he is standing amongst the Delft ! 

Many thanks to everyone sending in photos, still time to have yours added if you'd like to join in.

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