Thursday, 10 February 2022


 It appears that Arabella has not lost her belief in all good quality clothing is her's to select first! So when I saw this outfit up for sale on the bazaar , she was drawing my attention to it and saying how back in the day, I always had a new outfit waiting for any new arrival and she'd arrived last week and was still waiting !

It was on her back as soon as it arrived ! A lovely coat and dress by the incredibly talented Frances Trickett.

A very sixties look to it.

Arabella chose pink tights and boots to add to it but any colour in the colourful fabric at the top of the dress would link in. She also picked out a Cath Kitston bag 

She was quick to inform me that she would need a selection of different coloured tights with matching boot or shoes in summer to compliment the outfit !

I have to say it does suit her.

I love this fabric at the top of the dress, very retro and such beautiful colours.

At present Arabella is standing on the mantlepiece where she cannot be missed although she'll be joining her brothers and sisters every soon. But Fifi her little dog is so happy to be reunited with her.

Yes she is definitely back !


  1. Very stylish outfit on a beautiful girl. I'd say Arabella is becoming the queen of the village!

    1. Thank you :) Arabella appears to be slipping right back in to where she believes she belongs , at the top ! lol

  2. A little princess is regaining her kingdom!
    I love Frances Trickett's work, though we only own two of her outfits. And as, after the Brexit, we'll have to pay customs duty on anything sent from the UK, they are even farther out of reach now. But looking at them is a treat, too.

    1. I fear that could be true !
      I used to own quite a few of her outfits, from when she first started and the costs were much lower than nowadays. Yes alas now getting things between Europe and the Uk is now expensive, which is such a shame :(