Sunday 20 February 2022


 Well that was a week of two halves , nice and calm at the beginning followed by two storms, with the second being the biggest and widest the UK has seen for a good while!

Fortunately, being retired we just battened down the hatches and stayed in watching and listening to the gusts of wind rattling around the house and garden.

When the wind did appear to die down and Paul thought about taking the dogs out , it suddenly started up again!

Even though people were told to stay home, there are always those who don't think it applies to them ! I watched as a woman cycled up the hill disappearing at one point behind the trees and shrubs at the end of our front garden before reappearing as if almost at a standstill fighting against the wind as she started to reach the top of the hill !! For a moment when she didn't reappear I thought she'd fallen off!

A near neighbour lost four fence panels and a couple of trees came down in the surrounding roads and fields but nothing serious and no one hurt, so we did quite well locally.

So now it's turned cold once again and it's wet and not so windy ! However it appears tonight and tomorrow will also be stormy!

I have been working on my quest to clear a mass of yarn by knitting it up and am in the middle of a jacket for Clara which is using up quite a bit of the yellow and some of the teal. I was tempted to set it to one side and start a doll sweater but managed to stop myself , so it doesn't land up sitting about for a month ! I'm glad I continued as I just have one sleeve and the the neck band to do, then it can be sewn together , buttons added then it's done !

On the studio doll clearing front I am so pleased that I have now emptied four of the plastic boxes !

Along with the three cardboard boxes I emptied in the beginning plus a couple of shopping bags, I'm very pleased how it's gone so far. 

But I am getting worn out ? tired ? with all the selling, so will come to a stop for a while but will potter sorting things into keep or sell for a future blitz , the sales page will still get updated but no bazaar posts or ebay posts during March apart from whats already listed.

I did this week, have a look at my dolls, and decide to cull a few more groups down to smaller sizes. I had a doll on a long layaway and since I was very near to completing , I wanted to get it finished.

So I sold three dolls , a doll chair and a few items of dolls clothes, so have now completed my layaway and my new, non Sasha doll will arrive Monday.

At the beginning of the year I had around 50 large A4 padded envelopes and I have now run out ! very few have only had one item sent in them most have been two or more.  I sent fifteen items of old dolls clothes in one, turning into a small parcel and there have been a couple containing six hats along with another item. I would say I have easily sold around 150 item, if not more, since I started at the beginning of the year, which just shows just how much stuff  I have /had !

Valentine and Rupert have met and have been having a long and deep chat on the dresser !

These are the snippets I heard while walking back and forward while making dinner !

" Well Valentine it is a specialist school that I attend "

" Really , I have always fancied having a go myself "

Then later

" The girls are going to love you but then maybe hate you but I'm sure they will come round in the end "

"Just ignore Toby , he can be the village idiot sometimes "

Then they went off so Valentine could introduce him to his new brothers, he feels Rupert needs a day or so before the girls get hold of him !

On that note I will wish you all a healthy fun filled week ahead.



  1. You did well clearing out! And the boys are likely to become best friends.

    1. Thank you , although I have only touched the surface !
      Valentine and Rupert do appear to be kindred spirits :)