Monday 7 February 2022


 Well what a week it's been ! Both Paul and I have had a cold, quite a bad one, which naturally slowed things down. Paul's was worse as he'd just had another small op, so the two together didn't help him bounce back like last time.

It did slow me down getting a couple of the last few items I sold off into the post, so I apologise to anyone kept waiting. 

If you have been following the blog, you will know I did a big sort out of clothing , and a pair of dolls, towards the return home of Arabella , my ochre eyed button nosed lass, who first lived here back in 2012 ! So she's been gone around seven or eight years. I know both of the people who became her mum after she left here and they both kept her name , which was so nice. 

I'm afraid you will have to get used to seeing a lot of her over the coming weeks and months as she settles back in. She was never a girl to be ignored !

So it's all been about the dolls mainly this week ! I have sold lots of clothing, having started before Arabella's requirement, so have now managed to completely empty two of the plastic storage boxes, with a third at present holding the for sale items.

I have to say that it's been a week of doll arrives, with a different doll arriving on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ! Which must be a record here I believe ! I think three dolls may have arrived once on the same day but that;s another story !!

On Tuesday A Gotz Happy Kidz doll Sophie arrived.

I have been thinking about getting her for ages and finally gave in and added her to my very small group of these dolls. These are dolls I can share happily with Clara or Adam when they visit, without worrying about them getting damaged.

Then on Wednesday , the last doll I bought in 2021 arrived, she'd had to wait around in customs for a few weeks while they sent me forms to fill in and return and then I paid her ransom and she was released and finally arrived.

She is a Lynne and Michael Roche doll , called Louisa. A lovely size at 20 inches and with the lime wood body. I'm trying to not let my Roche doll collection get too big, so because she's arrived I have listed two others of the smaller ones.

Then Thursday was when Arabella arrived, looking beautiful.

Well of course we have to have another photo of Arabella in all her arrival glory.

So a very mixed group of arrivals.

I also had a money box made as a post box from the 1920's arrive looking like this...

yes it is flat as a pancake ! obviously the box was squashed somewhere along the route. The seller refunded me as soon as I sent the photos and she will claim against royal mail. I would like to try and save it if at all possible, Paul said he'd hold the bin lid for me !! But I'm not ready quite yet to give up on this 100 year old tin box, so I will give it a go and let you know how I do next Sunday .

But no sooner had this happened than I received another much bigger parcel in the post and it was very well wrapped and was very snug in it's box. I opened it and started to take off the bubble wrap and out dropped a piece of wood !

Yes it had got damaged in transit even with being well wrapped, could have been that the box needed to be a bit roomier but with extra padding on the corners or the item.

Part of the top left hand corner.

Although it wasn't the senders fault, he gave me a fair part refund , so I could get it repaired.

So not been my week for items arriving safely unless a doll, which in truth they are the things I don't want arriving damaged !

I missed adding the pants that went with a dress I sold to a lady in the US, so now I need to send them on, so hopefully that's the last of the postal issues !

So I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. My my, what a week! But three nice girls have arrived happily, so it is, at last, not that bad ;-) Three little beauties! Congratulation... I hope you both are well now, such a bad cold is nothing to be casual about. Have a good and healthy week!

    1. It was ! But even with a cold , all those dolls arriving certainly cheered me up ;)

  2. So lovely to see your new dolls Dee, I'm abstaining this year (well trying to anyway and so far, so good). How disappointed you must have felt opening those packages with the broken items. I don't know what it is with the postal system, they are so careless.

    I do hope Paul and yourself are recovered by now, I guess you can be thankful that it was just a cold and not Covid.
    Big hugs,

    1. I have given up on trying to abstain as for me that's like opening the flood gates as soon as I decide no dolls :)
      It was very disappointing getting damaged items , the post seems to be getting worse.
      Yes thank you and thank goodness it was not Covid, although there is just so much of it about at the moment ! Hugs x

  3. Dee, you're so good at hunting down props and furnishings. I inevitably buy something that turns out to be too big or too small.

    1. Thanks although I have been known to get the size wrong ! and some tiny item arrives that's no good to any of my dolls !!