Sunday 13 February 2022


Well another week is ending ! Where does the time go ? Most of last week was spent doing bits and pieces. It was Princess Clara's fourth birthday on Thursday ! Yes Fourth! Only seems like yesterday she'd just started walking and speaking.

We had intended to visit on the day and celebrate with her but of course the best laid plans ! Her dad tested positive for Covid earlier in the week ! He had it very mildly and so far no one else in the family as it but of course , it meant plans cancelled , but all being well we will go this coming Thursday instead.

One of the things I got up to this week was some knitting ! I needed to make a sweater for one of my Roche dolls, so found some sock wool and knitted one up. I just did it from guessing , so it came out a little on the large size, so I then found some more wool and made another with a few adjustments.

So two of the dolls got new sweaters and now I was back knitting it made me want to carry on knitting up all these balls of wool I have sitting around in boxes! But first i decided I needed to knit up some chunky wool I'd bought a good year back to make for Clara.

Good thing with chunky wool it knits up quick!

I also have finished Adam's jacket, which just needs the buttons to be sewn on. So I am trying to make a point of doing a little knitting every night and therefore hopefully, I'll get all the grandchildren's sweaters done and also some dolls items knitted and I hope to have emptied a whole box of wool/yarn by the end of April ! I will report back on how I get on !

This is just one of the boxes of yarn ! 

Be cause I am trying to clear the studio of whats not used or needed , when going to get some knitting needles, I moved a small box looked inside and found a Gotz Sasha head and a baby sasha that I have had for years !

This is the head , she needs re rooting on the top , middle and down the back and then a body to go on.There is a thin line of re rooted hair at the front but that's as far as I got be fore I set her aside.

The baby is in almost new condition except that she had falling hair, I again started on her re root and again she got set aside and eventually put away in the box with the gotz dolls head and there they have stayed for years and I do mean years ! But now my hands are to full of arthritis to pull the needle through, so I put them on the for sale market. The head's already sold and if the baby goes soon , that will be another box emptied !

Talking of the dolls, so far this week I have sold a few more Sasha clothes and have some other old dolls clothing with bids on, so they will also sell in the next day of so. The old dolls clothing will free up a decent amount of space , which is good and I was not even sure anyone would bid on them but they were to nice to just give to a charity shop which could have just decided to bin them.

The gotz doll head sold as I said and I have also sold another doll. I may or may not have sold another non Sasha doll, I'm just fielding offers on her.  So it's been a good end to the week sales wise even if the other doll doesn't sell.

A doll will be arriving early next week, I bought it a couple of weeks back because I had an idea for a new Sasha family member and of course I couldn't let one of the others play that part , no I had to go and find someone new !

I have also bought a few items of clothing for the Sasha but only because they were being sold on, so it was get them now or miss them. But since I have sold loads of clothing these few will not add much to the remaining items.

So I will get off to carry on looking in boxes and moving things about !

Have a great healthy week ahead full of things that make you smile.



  1. Aww those sweaters are so wonderful! Your kids - and grandchildren - are lucky to have their Mummy - and Granny - who can knit such beautiful things.
    I just have started to knit again, with aching hands as always when having paused so long. But I've decided to go on with the knitting, simply hoping that the aching (as always, since) will cease then... Knitting relaxes, and you get nice sweaters for doll children ;-)

    1. Thank you. They say the knitting is good for the arthritis, so i also sometimes have to work through the pain or take a rest until it passes.
      It is a relaxing pass time and productive too ! ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about your son-in-law, but glad it was mild and the rest of the family is healthy.

    1. Thank you, yes they have been lucky thank goodness