Sunday 27 February 2022


Yes it is ! And a sad week for the world, with what is going on in the Ukraine. It is a dangerous time for all countries, as Russia try to take Ukraine from it's people. Only the people of Russia, who are also innocent , can stop the mad man at the top in their country from carrying on or those around him.

I will say no more as this is not a blog for political debate but I could not just ignore the current world situation .

Well it's been a productive week here. I finished Clara's jacket which I knitted using super chunky to a chunky pattern which meant I used up more balls of yarn than stated but that worked out fine as I didn't really want more leftover to have to use ! 

The Pattern, you can see it's meant to be over sized and with three quarter sleeves. 

The finished jacket, Clara like me loves bright colours. Guess what her favourite is.....O....I cannot say it ! But I may have to add a tiny bit to a future sweater....

I also changed the blue button at the bottom for another yellow one as that blue didn't match the yarn colour.

So I started a jacket for Adam in a baby wool double knit, and a size smaller than the last because he is quite diddy at the moment. Well the knitters out there will understand when I say the yarn felt so thin ! At least three times I checked that it was double knit ! This is what happens when you knit with a really chunky yarn everything else appears twice as small as before !

Well then I started thinking would this size fit Adam ? is this yarn particularly thin ? So I went and found some more yarn and started knitting that up to compare !

Then deciding that it also might be on the small size , I start the other yarn in the next size up ! The blue with white shown above is in baby yarn and the smaller size.

The green and blue is in non baby yarn and the next size up ! So what happens next is I'm knitting and I need the needles holding one set of knitting to carry on with the other set ! Now instead of having just one jacket to knit , I now have two ! and in two different sizes , which could cause a big problem if I forget which one I am working on and use the wrong instructions ! 

But it I do manage not to get confused and finish both, Adam will have two new jackets to wear !

Adam, on the move . in the last jacket I made him, yes it's got plenty of growing room ! But That's what my daughter asks for as they do grow so quick !

Both of them in the most recent knitwear I gave them , Clara wanted to wear hers as Adam was trying on his for a photo, both with growing room lol

So now I have to carry on knitting both up and at least that will be another four large balls of yarn used up. Then I can start knitting yarn up for the dolls.

Today the weather is so sunny and mild I have even put some washing out on the line  to dry ! and it's still winter for at least two more weeks.

On the doll front my layaway arrived on Monday , a lovely boy Roche doll called Theo.

So a sweet boy to add to that group. He has the wooden body with the porcelain head and hands.

I also sold a doll and an outfit on Monday which was a nice surprise. Then another doll on Wednesday and a third yesterday ! So a good doll sales week.

A chair I bought , to replace the one that was too big with the other blue one, arrived along with it's matching footstool.

Turns out I really should have checked the sizing ! This one is probably as big as the one I just sold !

The good thing is that with the footstool, it's okay with the Sasha's whose legs don't bend anyway and it's not like I don't have an assortment of bigger dolls that can use it ! But it would have been good if I'd got the sizing right !

So no more armchairs.... well for a while at least..... 

I have to confess I have not got on with any more sorting in the studio due to the cold windy weather all week but hope to get back in there this coming week.

Well it's almost March ! February is a short month and it's again shot past quickly. So have a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. Though this is not a political blog, I agree with your opinion. So if the colouring of Clara's jacket is mere coincidence, it's a nice one. She'll certainly like it, even without any ora.... apricot in it!
    You are so diligent! I can't bring myself to knitting much these days.

    1. :) That is a good colour Apricot.. I can do apricot ! I have not knitted for ages but now my quest to use up at least one box of yarn is underway ! So I must keep going, every night a few more rows ;)