Friday 11 February 2022



When I bought back a knitted outfit, that Saffron is wearing now.

It came along with another knitted dress, this one

I was originally going to just save this dress for a raffle prize or sell it on because ? Can you spot the elephant in the room ??? Mmm

Yes Orange stripes !  However Angelica was standing around in this dress and seeing past the orange ,I did admire the way the skirt had some body to it, how it fell and it was in truth a much nicer looking dress on than off.

So I decided I'd have a go at knitting one ! But I would need a pattern as I had no idea how to make those pleats on the skirt ! I messaged Gill and sent a photo asking if she knew whose pattern it was ? 

Gill didn't know but felt it could be an older pattern for a different type of doll. But my request set her fingers itching! She decided to give it a go, so I sent her the dress, so she could see how it was put together, mind you she was already half way up the skirt before it arrived !

Today she very kindly returned the original dress, along with the one she'd made , in a more up to date look, losing the need for a ribbon ( excellent don't really like ribbons on clothing myself ) and in a beautiful blue.

Ashley is delighted to get first dibs on the new dress ! 

The skirt is a little shorter , more in keeping with Sasha style , and without the ribbon waist , it's more fitted and streamline.

Back view.

Ashley thinks it's ACE !

So I have to thank my best friend Gill, for making this great dress, probably knowing that when I said I fancied making one to fit my Sasha better she knew it would probably be about three years before I even picked up some needles ,even if I did find the pattern out there, and that those needles would have been put back down when I realised just how small they were and just how long it would take me !


  1. This looks great! The pleats come out very nicely. And I agree, it's a much better fit for a Sasha, so maybe the original really was created for another doll.

    1. I think it must have been for a bigger doll, or someone adjusted it to fit but needed to go a little further :)

  2. Heyyy this looks gorgeous! Alice is lucke she is the one to try it first. It suites her well - like made just for her.

    1. It does ! It's her blue eyes that make it sing on her :)

  3. LOL, our bathroom color scheme is pink and orange! I do like the blue and white better, and I think Ashley looks very elegant in it.

    1. Wow, so brave ! :) Ashley is definitely good in blue :)