Tuesday 15 February 2022


Well it appears as much as I try to downsize another one will always find the means to creep in !

 This is Rupert, a Pyjama boy , complete with his pyjamas as you can see ! Also his bear .

Now I had an idea for a storyline and no one, already in the village was right, so what's a teller of stories to do but well obviously go in search of her muse .

He fits the bill perfectly, look at that handsome face ! He arrived with the name Rupert, I am friends with his last mum and since it's a name I love and would work well for his character he will keep it .

I actually already own a PJ boy, Percy . So is this new lad Rupert to become his twin? Mmm I will need to wait until he's been redressed and has met Percy to see if that's true.

But for the minute , I'll let him get his barrings and settle in before introducing him to his new family once he's changed .


  1. Aww what a nice guy!
    I mean the teddy ;-))
    Just kidding, Rupert!!!
    I'm looking forward to his story. Maybe, maybe he finds his twin brother here, how exciting!

    1. He's blushing :) Maybe he will find his twin...

  2. So handsome, and I love the name. You can never have too many PJ boys, that's what I always say.

    1. So your saying triplets ? Quads? now there's an idea..... ;)