Sunday, 2 October 2022


 Yes, I know October! Only a couple of months until Christmas, it's no good saying don't say that because it's coming whether we are ready or not!

I was glad to see the back of September, what with Paul's dad taking ill on the 1st, then the queen passing away on the 8th and then Paul being unwell on the 12th! 

But his dad was 101 yesterday! A great age, I am reading a book called Queen of our times by Robert Hardiman about the life of Elizabeth 2nd. In it, it mentions that in 1955 395 telegrams were sent out to people celebrating a one hundredth birthday in Britain or in one of the Commonwealth realms, in 1990 that figure was 3715 and in 2020 (now a card not a telegram) the total was 16254.

So, more people are living longer but then that figure is still only a tiny amount if you compare it to the total population of the countries involved.

Paul had his covid booster the day before his birthday, which is also the 1st, and then was feeling rough on his birthday! So, this months, not started that well either! I just hope it doesn't go the way of last month!

Especially with the Chat n Snap happening in a few weeks, I can see everyone arriving to find just me and Lindsey trying to set the place up and get the food sorted! So, I am glad I changed the theme to one that won't involve much and not the usual stage display made and set up before everyone arrives. 

The week as been one of a little bit of gardening.

We decided to take out this climbing rose that is right down the end of the garden and to the side. We had cut if back a couple of years ago, but it had regrown and was hanging more over our neighbour's garden than ours and also climbing through a couple of small lilac trees and inferring with their development. There were two of these thick stems, one half I had already cut back the branches from and cleared away, but Paul needed to get the saw out to remove these.

In this photo you can see the stem going round and through a winter honeysuckle bush then turning up and through the lilac and over towards next door. The rose being the big stem you see near the top of the photo. I did consider if we could pull it forward and take it across above the path but there was too much going the wrong way.

The lilacs after the rose were taken out and cut up. Much lighter and that will help it thrive.
While I was working up there, I kept hearing this tinny sound every so often, I thought someone was working in the garden a couple of doors over. When Paul arrived to cut the thick rose stem back, I mentioned it to him, and he looked over and said its acorns falling from the tree and hitting their metal shed!

This is an enormous oak that stands on the recreation ground behind their garden, but half of the branches overhang their back fence, it is heaving with acorns. If there were any squirrels around that would be set for winter with loads to spare. We have a small very small oak tree that's appeared in our border that faces this as shown in the photo but further over, so now we know where the acorn came from!

On the doll front I sold a non-Sasha doll and bought a Gregor waif, but he is my donation to the CnS raffle so really doesn't count, oh and I bought a Gotz Hannah for Clara for either her Christmas or Birthday present I have yet to decide which.
For myself I only bought a few second-hand clothing for non-Sasha dolls. I am trying to wait for the CnS to make some purchases for the Sashas.

I came across this old photo of a sixties style outfit I put together years ago and then sold later, yes, I know once I should have kept but hey! I could make up another one sometime...

Don't forget doll photo day on the fifth,

Have a lovely healthy fun filled week 


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