Sunday 9 October 2022


 Oh yes, it's Sunday again time flies when you are having fun and also when you are just getting on with life!

Paul took a couple of days to recover from his injection and I have to confess I moved my injection to the week after next week, because I'm busy next week and so could not afford to spend a couple of days recovering from it.

The days have been both sunshine and showers, but the temperature is definitely turning colder, even with sunshine. So, over this month, along with getting ready for the Chat n Snap, we'll be moving plants around to their winter quarters and tidying things away.

I have spent part of this week sorting through my doll's clothes hunting for their winter dresses etc. I finally found the box I'd been looking for and was able to start changing some of the dolls. 

On the doll front, I had a Gregor waif arrive, who I had intended to donate to the Chat n Snap raffle, but he is checking out the place like it's his home and telling me to call him Charlie! (after the new King) and don't I already have a baby Sasha I'm donating, so why does he have to go too!

I knew I should have looked for a blonde boy, I just have such a soft spot for these brunette lads! So now I'm having to decide what to do about him!

I also had a Sasha returner! Margo! She's returned home to the village after a few months staying at the seaside up in Yorkshire. She's returned very glamourous with a new fringe! I think she's glad to be back and is regaling her siblings with tales of seagulls and fish n chips on the sea front! I'm feeling quite jealous!

It did take me a while to get used to her fringe, but I think it suits her. She's already snagged some winter clothing before Magda got a look in! It is nice to have the three button reds back together.

I have also seen another Sasha I may be interested in! So, I have gone from being very good to opening the box to more Sasha's and Gregors! I can see me having no money left for the treasures that will appear at the Chat n Snap at this rate!

So, on that note I'm off to see what I can sell towards possibly inviting another Sasha to come and live in the village. I wonder if there is a treatment for this Sasha doll addition? and if there is would I actually take it...

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead 


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