Wednesday 19 October 2022


 Well one by product of sorting through the clothing, in order to raise some money, I have also been finding the clothing to change the children into.

I had sold Rupert, who is just going to live with my sister, and she bought one of the outfits I was selling also, so I changed him into that, so he wouldn't have to travel in his Pj's.

So, I stopped to change some of the kids into their warmer clothing.

Violet and Sapphire are now nice and snuggly ready for any cold weather heading our way; however, Sapphire is not too happy about wearing red and not her preferred blue! 

I have been asked, quite nicely, if I will keep an eye open for a suitable blue long-sleeved dress for her,
naturally because she asked so nicely, I said of course!

So, then what happens is Violet asks me nicely if I can find a matching dress for her!... 

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