Sunday 16 October 2022


 Yes, that is another week that's disappeared before I even realised it had started! And it's not like we were busy doing things either! 

We did see our friends for lunch, which was lovely. We had a couple of appointments but apart from that it was the usual, housework, walking the dogs, Paul visiting his dad, who is now 101 and taking his 91-year-old aunt with him so she can visit her brother.

We had lunch with other friends last Saturday and I agreed to sell some of her Catz and Kids dolls, which she'd left up in her loft after downsizing. I said I'd take five and see how they went. I'm pleased to say that four have sold.

When Margo came back It was part cash part swap, clothing and shoes. One of the items I pulled out to offer to swap was a beautiful, smocked set by Ruth Hartley. It was rejected but since I'd pulled it out, I thought I'd sell it anyway.

Well, I made that fatal mistake of putting it on a doll! I had already been having second thoughts about selling it, even when I offered it in part exchange

Naturally it's now staying here, and Ashley who put it on for selling photos, will change again into warmer clothes but this can come back out in the spring/summer.

I'm loving the girls in the tartan, so it will be the theme for this Winter. Some will have the reds and greens, while others will have the blues and greens. Do I have enough of these coloured tartans and other clothing? Probably not, so that's on my shopping list for the CnS. It will be the first time I have ever actually been looking for certain items and not just going with whatever takes my fancy! Not that it will stop me wandering off and buying whatever I fall in love with and can afford!

I've not been looking to add to my Sasha/Grgeor family, but first Charlie turned up, closely followed by Margo's return and there is another Sasha who will be arriving soon! Plus, I have an itch for another Button-nosed girl or an NP!!! I know I reduced the buttons down to three but It's just an inch, it will soon pass especially as Christmas is coming up. I just hope noone at the CnS has one to sell.

I have been selling a few clothes towards the latest adoptions and once I have finished this I intend to go and have a serious clear out of the clothing and other items, like shoes and hats and bags etc

So, I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


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